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Suhail Al Mazrouei: The United Arab Emirates has a future direction to generate hydrogen energy


Abu Dhabi (WAM)

His Excellency Suhail bin Mohammed Faraz Faris Al Masroui, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure said: The United Arab Emirates has a clear future direction for the development of hydrogen energy and is moving forward with its hydrogen-related projects and focuses on its ecological conservation and emissions emissions and emissions. United Arab Emirates is ready to share.
Addressing a session on policies to support and promote sustainable hydrogen industry within the second day of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition “ADIPEC 2021”, he added: “In the UAE we are open to all kinds of energy. It is compatible with our natural resources and infrastructure, and we are interested in diversifying and maintaining the balance of energy resources.
He stressed that the world today needs to continue to seek future opportunities for expansion in the clean energy sector and to set ambitious goals, in order to improve the hydrogen economy and to enact laws and regulations in line with current developments and future challenges. The future.
He said that hydrogen is a new and promising source of future energy and in addition to thermal energy, we are working to use its resources in the United Arab Emirates in light of the possibilities of producing them from available and conventional sources or renewable sources. Land and Organic Sources Hydrogen production from fossil fuel sources in our region is currently considered highly competitive.
Its latest announcement is that hydrogen is one of the ways to achieve sustainable growth and that there are real efforts in the United Arab Emirates to generate hydrogen energy, a roadmap represented by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Achieving leadership in the hydrogen sector is a comprehensive national program aimed at supporting low-carbon domestic industries, contributing to climate neutrality, and strengthening the country’s position as a source of hydrogen within a framework that integrates rational directions. Leadership in promoting future solutions to global climate challenges, the latest of which is the announcement of the UAE’s Strategic Initiative for Climate Neutralization 2050. He pointed out that the UAE wants to develop its capabilities by collaborating with various active partners in the energy sector. , Particularly clean, thus supporting research, development and innovation avenues to provide the state with sustainable energy as one of the key suppliers of future energy of all kinds of renewable, nuclear, hydrocarbon and hydrogen energy.
He explained that maintaining sustainable and clean energy resources would be one of the key axes of the UAE economy for the next fifty years, and that this was what made it possible to invest in future energy, especially hydrogen, and that the UAE had developed stimulus plans. Quality Partnerships for the Advancement of Hydrogen Energy, which has recently concluded several cooperation agreements with leading countries in this field.
He noted that in addition to joint international action based on clear plans and goals, the cost of hydrogen power generation continues to fall due to future technology and incentives for companies to invest in this sector, and that we in the United Arab Emirates are focusing more on diversifying energy. Protecting and sustaining resources and the environment.

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