June 8, 2023

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Egypt releases a rare video of artist Talal Abdel Aziz



The Egyptian media released a rare video of artist Talal Abdel Aziz in response to a group of rumors that affected him.

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Revealing the last hours of the life of the late artist Talal Abdel Aziz in Egypt

In a rare interview with Hala Sarhan media on the ADT screen, Talal Abdel Aziz said that some people initially believed that she was the daughter of artist Jubaida Darwat.

She said: “Many people think I am the daughter of Jubaida Selvam. A small incident happened to me. They brought me someone and designed shoes, and she was very interested in me in the theater. The customer told him, and then, Talal went and asked her mother: “Mom, you brought your boots from Cairo because we are from Jakarta, she is my daughter, she never told me.

Over time, Dalal Abdel Aziz discovered what he believed to be the daughter of shoe designer artist Zubaida Darwat, explaining: “I do not want to say, stay at that time, so I can not help you.”

During the same meeting, Talal talked about his close friend in the art community from his inception, artist Mervat Amin, who described her: “A friend, a man, and a loyal woman in his class, a woman, and a girlfriend she came with, I totally New, not a name, not a celebrity, he stands by and serves without asking. ”

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