June 3, 2023

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Egypt..Sun power drying project

Egypt..Sun power drying project

Launched in 2012, the program aims to provide healthy food Dried fruits It provides the most suitable jobs for women, especially in the villages, without spoiling the outside of the refrigerator, retaining its natural ingredients and benefits and without the use of preservatives or additives for taste, color and fragrance.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Manar, the founder of the Menes project, confirmed that he came up with the idea 12 years ago when he saw his grandchildren eating unhealthy food and offering it in some countries. Dried fruit After researching the topic, without sugar or preservatives, I came to know that there is a German company that trains in India. Sun dryingIt inspired her to travel there, where she spent three weeks learning the process, as well as other things related to farming and its waste management.

Take advantage of the bright sun of Egypt

As the sun shines all year round in Egypt, Manar decided to use solar energy instead Normal electricityTo implement the idea, it hired women in one of the villages in Badrash (32 km south of Cairo) in Giza.

“I was delighted with what I learned in India, especially that the fruit drying system is not mechanized and has simple tools from the kitchen, which he can do. Egyptian farmer Giving the value of his products by drying, after I finished training I asked the German trainer to use this method in Egypt, and bought a “mansher” for drying, and began working for three months to implement it. I started doing this Dried fruits For my grandchildren, I found that they accepted it, and took these dried fruits with them to schools, especially since they are in their condition until the end of the school day, unaffected by weather factors, and eat whole. How to describe the initial stage of “manor” Fruit drying program Clean power.

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“Manar” shows that when he noticed his grandchildren’s colleagues consuming these fruits, he decided to sell them and marketed his products through an exhibition. Jamalek District Al-Raqi was accepted by tourists and foreigners, and then began the process of disseminating it through exhibitions, then private shops and social networking sites, and we contracted with a company to promote the project’s products.

Drying allows the fruits to deliver in the off-season with their nutritional value

Manar affirms: “Of course, natural fruits are the best in their seasons, but allowing the presence of fruits that are not in the drying season will have the same nutritional value, and their small amount of water will make it easier to remove. It does not differ much in taste except that it has no water in it, as it resembles a fruit. Dried figs And thisDried grapesWith the ability to dry all types of fruit without the use of preservatives, extra sugar or color and flavor additives, we aim to provide people with a safe and healthy product, away from processed ingredients and changing the mood of the food.

Job opportunities for women

The project has a product line so far, but it has attracted many village women to work in it, according to the project’s founder: “The workplace is in the same village where the women are, and they can go to work on foot. Time works.With her family, the sun drying mechanism does not work because it is the best time.After this time, it is possible to work in different ways after this time, but she does not want to occupy the time of the women in her family and she does not want to seek the help of men like this. As women should not be crowded Job opportunities Opportunity for them, the girl can work and connectProviding healthy food Provide for her children and her income at the same time.

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Manor concludes his interview with Sky News Arabia: “One of the benefits of the program is to take advantage of everything. Buried landWe feed the birds with seeds and caraway seeds that we use in other industries and also make apple cider vinegar, so with all these benefits, I hope to spread awareness about the importance of dried fruits. . “