June 8, 2023

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Breath of the Wild Guardian Gospel expels them all

Breath of the Wild Guardian Gospel expels them all

Breath of the Wild Guardian Gospel expels them all

People like Link and Zelda (and even Conn) have been playing since the series debut, but these are (relatively) lighter. When you play Nintendo they change, dress, put on make-up, get weapons, get boom. But what Wild breath Defenders, those giant stone warriors shoot lasers from their faces, is it certain that a man cannot be a realistic disguise like one of these?

Of course they can. This requires ingenuity, hard work and some simple tricks of the trade. This is Alison Chase, A person who specializes in large and complex gospelHe rose to become one of the Orlando McCaugh Destroyer guards earlier this year:

The size, the detail, the brilliance, the way the music sounds, the sound effects, the way the eyelid glows and the laser helix blows in the conference arena … it’s perfect. If you think so, like I thought at first, is this Cosplay? Is it not just a robot or a statue? No, it’s still Gosplay. Chase sits inside the Guardian in a chair:

He can move and control the Guardian in the same way Kenny Baker stuck the head of R2-D2 insideBy rotating different parts of the seat:

To give you another idea of ​​how big this thing is and how it all came together, check out this video that shows the Guardian traveling to a conference, which involves splitting everything up and dragging it in a truck with some guys. Reassemble all:

You can see all of Alison’s amazing Cosplay works, including Power Loader aliensThe bus was full Totoro Snowball m Rick and MortyAnd this By her side.

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