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Very cold air mass Thursday


GABARNEY – Today, Thursday, the coldest air mass is deepening as temperatures (9-10) degrees Celsius are below normal and the weather is expected to be very cold, cloudy and rainy in many parts of the country, with intermittent showers. The western part will be thundershowers at times.

At the top of the high mountains, especially at the top of the southern hills, with the possibility of light accumulation, there will be less snowfall.

The Met Office has warned of heavy rains in the valleys and low-lying areas, slipping on roads in rainy areas and the possibility of clouds touching the surface and being visible horizontally at mountain heights. Low horizontal visibility due to earth and dust in Patia areas, weather will be very cold, cloudy and rainy in most parts of the Kingdom on Friday. Light is expected to accumulate, especially in the southern mountain peaks, and in the evening, the chances of rain are generally weak. , And late at night, with frost patterns, especially at the top of high mountains, and the wind will be mild to northeast at first. On Saturday, there will be a slight increase in temperature, and the weather will be cool in most parts of the country, with moderate temperatures in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba, with low clouds in the north and center. Kingdom, and the wind will be moderate to northwesterly, sometimes active.

Sunday temperatures will gradually rise, while below this time of year will be below average. The weather will be relatively cool in most parts of the country and pleasant in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. The wind is blowing in a northwesterly direction with slight speed.

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Today the maximum and minimum temperature is 8-4 degrees Celsius in eastern Oman, 6-2 in western Amman, 4-0 in the northern mountains, 5-0 in the Shara mountains, 12-3 in the Badia region and 8-0 4 in the plains, and 7-14 in the northern Jordan Valley. , 17-9 degrees in southern Jordan, 10-16 degrees in the Dead Sea, and 10-17 degrees Celsius in the Gulf of Aqaba.

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