March 29, 2023

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Egyptian Farmers Syndicate: Donkeys are on the verge of extinction

Egyptian Farmers Syndicate: Donkeys are on the verge of extinction

Hussein Abdel Rahman, head of the Egyptian Farmers Syndicate, said donkeys were on the verge of extinction, pointing out that the use of vehicles had become an alternative to donkeys.

Abdul Rahman added that the donkey relied on a pet to carry luggage and ride on unpaved roads and various agricultural jobs, but after setting up roads and inventing vehicles and machinery, the need to use donkeys began to decline. In recent times, with the low prices of donkeys and the high prices of their skins, some of them have tried to slaughter donkeys, trying to take advantage of the high prices of their skins, exporting them abroad and selling their meat for meat.

The head of the Farmers Syndicate (al-Masri al-Yum) pointed out that some weak-willed people are selling donkey meat as beef to restaurants and people in Egypt to exploit the high price of beef and the low price of donkeys. It is blue and its fat does not freeze, is difficult to cut, and emits an unpleasant odor when cooked.

He explained that he had recently been warned by the International Federation of Veterinarians about the possibility of extinction of donkeys from the African continent due to the price of his foot and the desire of some to kill them for the production of cosmetics and certain medicines.

The extinction of donkeys will disrupt the ecological balance because the donkey uses nature’s useful transport and its dung, Abdul Rahman called for international action against this phenomenon before the donkeys we hear are disappearing. A natural fertilizer, and an important link in the ecological balance.

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