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أسعار العملات في الجزائر

Euro and dollar prices in Algeria today, Sunday, October 24, 2021

The price of the euro against the Algerian dinar was confirmed today, Sunday, October 24, 2021, at the Central Bank of Algeria, while it recorded an increase in the parallel market.

The central bank of Algeria recorded 159.38 dinars for the purchase of the euro and 159.43 dinars for the sale.

The price of a single European currency rose to 209.64 dinars and 211.97 dinars in black market transactions.

The price of the dollar in Algeria

The dollar traded at 136.92 dinars and 136.94 dinars at the Central Bank of Algeria.

In the parallel (black) market, 180 dinars for purchase and 182 dinars for sale.

Price of pound sterling in Algeria

The exchange rate of the pound sterling at the Central Bank of Algeria was confirmed at 189.07 dinars and 189.12 dinars for sale.

In the unofficial (black) equivalent market the price of sterling was 247.68 dinars for purchase and 250.43 dinars for sale.

Rial, dirham and dinar prices in Algeria

At the Central Bank of Algeria, the Saudi riyal fell to 36.50 dinars and 36.51 dinars, while in the parallel market (black market) the riyal was confirmed to sell at 47.99 dinars and 48.52 dinars.

The UAE dirham also saw a slight decline in transactions with the Central Bank of Algeria at 37.27 dinars for buying and 37.28 dinars for sale. The price of the dirham remained stable at 49 dinars and 49.55 dinars to buy in the equivalent market (black market).

The Kuwaiti dinar was priced at 453.40 Algerian dinars and 454.66 Algerian dinars at the Central Bank.

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Algeria is examining plans to change the country’s expensive subsidy system to provide direct assistance to the poor, according to a plan in the government’s draft 2022 budget.

According to a copy of the draft seen by Reuters, the plan has not yet been debated in parliament, where it could be changed, but it will include 6.311 billion dinars ($ 45.8 billion) and 5.683 billion dinars ($ 41.3 billion) in revenue.

Algeria has been consuming its hard currency reserves since the fall in oil prices in 2014, and its energy sector has been hit hard by falling sales volumes.

The task of an International Monetary Fund for Algeria urged the government to undertake comprehensive reforms to address long-term financial challenges.