March 30, 2023

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Egyptian musicians syndicate releases list of 19 singers banned from singing in Egypt

The Musicians Syndicate in Egypt has released a list of singers banned from singing in the country and announced the names of those who have not been granted work permits.

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Mansoor Hindi, chairman of the musician’s syndicate’s task force, tracked down the names of those banned, including: Hamo Becca, Hassan Shakash, Coriander and Throat, Mustafa Zakaria, “Muslim”, Abu Laila, Ahmed Qasim, “Philo”, Ahmed Moses, Hamo Diga and Richa. Costa, Samara, Shawha, Walt Selim, “The Gang”, “The Leader”, Ala Fifty, “High Heels” Band, Magdi Shata, “Wase”, “Shuckle”, and Amr Haha.

Egyptian musicians syndicate releases list of 19 singers banned from singing in Egypt

For his part, artist Honey Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musicians in Egypt, pointed out that the list published by the Syndicate of Musical Industries included those who were banned from singing, as well as those who could not sing in shows and movies. In the absence of union power, they can do so on YouTube. On the specific site.

In a telephone interview with “Yahwad fi Masr”, Honey Shaker explained that singers who have decided against Egypt can sing outside Egypt, insisting that “it is forbidden to do so, whether on stage or in advertising.” A plan. “

Seker explained that the list released by the union had sparked controversy taken some time ago and that the names on the list had been on the list for more than two months and there were those who had done none of these names. Working with the union and illegally.

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He stressed the need to alert the concerned authorities to prevent the tourism police from dealing with hotels and shops and those who failed the exam.

Artist Honey Sehgar further explained about accepting some of the names that were banned in the union after they were tested: “Anyone who looks at his paper is ready, the army against him is over, he wants to take his testimony and take the exam, we welcome, because we respond to a select group of composers we trust, it works , They say it’s useless. “

In an intervention for the “Ninth” show, the Syndicate revealed the names of illiterate and illiterate people on a list of musicians banned from singing: “They are illiterate and have no credentials, good health.” There is a band. “

Honey Shaker points out that “rap is different from the festival song”, the singer expressed his admiration for “Vix”, stressed that they have a good relationship, and he is happy with the pictures of his last concert his son attended.

Source: “Seventh Day” + “Al-Wadan”