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“Egyptian warning” after an increase in corona exposure was recorded


Abdul Kabar said an increase in the number of injuries was detected Fever About 40 percent to 50 percent in December and January, and its symptoms are similar to those of the corona mutation. Omigron.

The Egyptian minister said that December, January and February represent the flu season and that 23 hospitals have an epidemiological surveillance system for acute respiratory illnesses and viruses under the Ministry of Health and Population, and swabs can be obtained from outpatient clinics. Or from patients who are registered from time to time.

Health system

And about the state of the health system facing infection Corona virus Omigran and Influenza, Abdel Kaffer said, “The number of corona cases being treated in hospitals and requiring intensive care is small or large at a safe rate.” The percentage of ventilators emphasizes that the health system is capable of activating it. To accommodate different cases.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt explained that colds, headaches, fatigue, depression, sneezing, congestion and dry throat are the most important symptoms of Omigran mutation. , High temperature, loss of sense of smell and taste, chest pain and shortness of breath.

The minister warned citizens against complacency in dealing with these symptoms, adding: “We need to pay more attention to those who are experiencing severe respiratory symptoms.

The Minister confirmed that 36 million and 366,000 first vaccine doses were given, 23 million and 600 second doses were given to those over 18 years of age, and that vaccines were given from the age of 12 to control the spread. Corona in Egypt.

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Government warning

At a meeting of the Government Medical Council in Egypt today, Prime Minister Mustafa Matbouli stressed the need to take precautionary measures, the most important of which is to wear approved masks and impose recommended fines on those who do not follow the rules. Preventing non-vaccinated persons from entering government institutions and not receiving government services until they have been vaccinated.

The Egyptian Prime Minister stressed the importance of getting the corona antiviral vaccine to reduce the chances of infection and to avoid severe symptoms of the infection.

In turn, Dr. Khalid Abdel Kafr confirmed that the mortality rate of those who did not receive the corona virus vaccine was approximately 24 times higher than that of the two vaccines, and that the vaccine contributed to reducing the need for internal fields and intensive care. Maintenance departments.

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, the total number of cases registered with the new corona virus in Egypt as of mid-January was 398,879, of which 332,531 had been cured and 22,123 had died.

Precautionary measures

Taha Abdel Hamid, a consultant for chest diseases and allergies in Egypt, believes that commitment to wearing a muzzle, social exclusion and getting vaccinated against the growing corona virus are the best precautionary measures against the virus.

Abdel Hamid, in an interview with Sky News Arabia, explained that the entry of Omigran mutants in Egypt would increase the number of infections in the future and contribute to the increase in so-called “community” of infections with relatively weak viruses. Immunity “against the virus, becomes a disease. Local, not infectious.

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Consultant for Chest Diseases, vaccines and vaccines against the virus are expected to be developed almost every year to combat any mutation, which is comparable to the seasonal flu vaccine that is developed almost every year.

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