March 31, 2023

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Rahaf al-Qahtani appears with his mother and reveals that he took his features from her .. Video

Amir Fathi wrote on Monday, January 17, 2022 2:45 am – I surprised the celebrity Saudi Arabia Rahaf al-Qahtani, popularly known as “The Flavor”, followed his followers by appearing with his mother in one of the clips he posted on his account on a social networking site.

Rahaf al-Qahtani said in the video that he took her features from him while he was sitting in the car next to his mother and said, “I took her eyes, nose and smile from her.” , “And Dimples, why didn’t you give me to her?”

He appeared in another clip, kissing his mother’s head, and one writer commented on her: “My success in life is with my mother’s presence.”

Rahaf al-Qahtani celebrated his birthday by appearing in a white dress with a soft hairstyle, and Rahaf documented birthday arrangements, including food, decorations, balloons, costumes, flowers, and banners, through his photos. Name, etc., sweets with her figure.

The videos he released also show the gifts he received with the families of several children.

The video documented Rahaf dancing to several tunes with the participation of his friends, and sang several songs in the presence of a band.

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