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Egyptian writer Ahmed Murad 24: The publishing and film world in the Arab world suffers from a lack of production


Writer Ahmed Murad (24)

Friday 9 June 2023 / 20:08

Author Ahmad Murad affirmed that the publishing and film world in the Arab world suffers because of lack of preparation and preparation to rise to the level of human conscience and execute a work with international standards.

I keep my daily exercise as a writer to an athlete

If one has simple talent, with persistence, hard work and practice, he will achieve success

It became clear that the challenge faced by the writer is to secure and attract the reader, and that the writer writes in a psychological, physical and mental state, devoting himself to his talent and working to develop it.
In an exclusive interview with 24 on the proceedings of the International Conference on Arab Publishing and Creative Industries held in Abu Dhabi recently, he added: “A writer should read the idea and prepare thoroughly for it. Rather than rushing towards writing, man’s talent is simple, but persevering.” Hard work and practice lead to success.”

The text of the interview reads:

Great crisis

_ How do you see the publishing industry and creative industries in the Arab world?
For example, for a successful car to be made in Germany, I don’t think we have the idea of ​​making in the Arab world, the preparation and planning can take 7 months, then the industry is completed within a month. Order to conduct production before the end of the year. Unfortunately, we are in the publishing and film world. Preparation is made for something. Within two weeks, we implement it within a month and a half, and when we present it, we face a huge crisis because it does not meet international standards, does not reach the level of admiration, does not rise to the level of human conscience.

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_ I participated in the International Conference on Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries in Abu Dhabi, how did you find it?
The International Conference on Publishing and Creative Industries brought us to the general philosophy of the idea and gave us the basics to know where the problem lies in the industry. We still can’t do that. The conference focused on studying sports since its inception, and I was happy to participate in it, express an opinion, and hear the opinions of experts and other experts.

Keep the reader

_ Where is the secret of author Ahmed Murad’s difference?
Thanks, maybe because I try to maintain daily exercise for myself as a writer, just like an athlete, a person should have constant interest, as we grow older we become dull, we become hermits in life, earlier we used to swim in the sea for up to 3 hours, when we grow up we take a book and read near the sea. Satisfied, it’s beautiful, but if you can go through the adventure, it’s definitely good, like any famous singer, keeps his audience and continues to sing about love when they believe, he sings to them based on the problems they live.
In the world of reading, the writer’s approach begins at age 12 and up, and he ignores the fact that the reader remains and continues to read. The challenge lies in securing and attracting the reader. It grows with us, conferences, to understand what is happening around him in terms of developments in the field, even when he writes, he must focus on reading and writing as a strong form of honesty and commitment. Like the daily routine of any successful athlete, in a constant state of thought, he goes to the club in the morning and evening for training in his day, and he is keen on eating healthy food and doing daily exercises, setting his goal. His eyes are on winning championships, so the writer must be psychologically, physically, and mentally in condition to write, and devote himself to his skill and develop it.

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Writing course

_ What words do you have for young aspiring writers in the field of fiction?
They are looking for a system that suits them so that they can make a special mark for themselves, because writing is not random, writing must be read, it is true that it starts with skill, but with the presence of rules. Written in international books, they must be seen and acted upon to start from a solid and strong foundation.
The Arab crisis is that the young man starts writing and thinks it will be in the same form, but he wants to be a content producer or enter the film industry like I did, I focus on the word career. It has to do with economics and business management and other reasons, he should know how to make a profit as a producer. In its own mass, it is natural that it does not reach anyone and does not live. Therefore, the writer should study the idea and prepare thoroughly for it, as it is more important than rushing towards writing.

Hard work and perseverance

_ What do we lack in the Arab world for our literary works to be at par with international works?
We lack nothing, reading and writing requires persistence and honesty, devote enough time to it, the writer often works in morning shift work or business, while you work for 7 hours, his day is normal. A day in your career means you give up sitting in a cafe, some excursions, duties, and you may have to stay up late, the writer has to sacrifice, because the violinist is not, and wants to be. To be a great and well-known player, not playing for several hours every day, not an hour a week, there are many things, unless one devotes a lot of time to them, a person’s ability gives a lot. His hours of the day and the hours of his efforts contribute to achieving what he wants, and he will not become a Beethoven without playing 10 thousand hours in his life, and if a person has simple talent, if he works hard, perseveres and practices, he will succeed.

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