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Emirates plans to resume Lyon-Dubai flights this summer


After the Covit-19 storm that rocked the aviation sector since March 2020, the sign of peace rises in the Lyon sky. Emirates Airlines, which has been operating at Lyon Airport Dormac since 2012, has confirmed that it will resume its passenger flights in Lyon from Friday, July 9th.

That means a week after its second hub in Nice, which resumed its operations last Friday. Charles de Gaulle, Paris, its main center in France, meanwhile has continued to operate in recent months despite being interrupted for a few weeks at the height of the crisis.

Therefore, in Lyon, 3 cycles per week will be resumed between July 9 (i.e. on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) between Lyon and Dubai, followed by 4 cycles for the first week of August. All with its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, can carry both passenger and freight.

An announcement was made possible by easing the conditions for entry into France, which was implemented by the French government in the final stages of its restructuring program.

Different health activities between Lyon and Dubai

Because now, an isolation is no longer imposed on citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates who wish to move to France. They must have received both doses of the Pfizer / Bioentech or Astrogenogen vaccine for more than two weeks, but must have a negative Covit-19 PCR test of less than 72 hours or a rapid antigenic test result of less than 48 hours. Before they depart.

However, these conditions are still severe for travelers from the United Arab Emirates who have not been vaccinated because they will have to undergo a Govt test under the same conditions before departure, but also justify a compelling reason to go. Especially in France Seal for seven days.

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On the French passenger side, on the other hand, Emirates states that only a negative Covit-19 PCR test certificate less than 72 hours before departure will be required.

However, with this gradual recovery, Emirates has set itself a horizon and a goal: to recover almost 70% of air connections by the end of the year. For now, the company notes that more than 30 cities in 19 countries have already reopened their doors to tourism and business travel without being isolated.

This means that even if access conditions are still restricted, such as Australia, its borders are not expected to reopen before 2022, or even in the center of Asia, especially with places like Singapore, Japan and China, still closed to tourists.

Lyon is the third historical center of the Emirates in France

In Lyon, the company employs about ten people in its ground handling, commercial and freight services, and the Saint-Exupery Airport has become the centerpiece of the group’s French presence.

After establishing its first connection with Paris Charles-de-Gaulle in 1992 and then Nice C டிte d’Azur Airport in 1994, it was in Lyon that Emirates chose to make gradual progress from 2012, carrying 60,000 passengers between Lyon and Dubai, from the first year.

The company started with five aircraft a week and then went on daily flights for the past two years shortly before the crisis, with its Boeing 777 aircraft.

“We chose to settle in Lyon because we found that the Auvergne Rh -ne-Alps region is one of the most vibrant economic regions in Europe,” argues Cedric Renard, CEO of Emirates France.

He is an example of the presence of the fabric of big companies in Aura “Dubai with international development aspirations such as Biomerix or Boma that designed the Ferris wheel. But the set of small and medium enterprises is very powerful.”

On the other hand, the heart of Dubai

“We are fortunate to have Dubai as a tourist and economic destination, but also a gateway to the Gulf region, for companies looking to develop in the region. .

The Emirates Director-General for France, at a time when France was easing its Gordon sanitizer, was optimistic that the French would be able to return their suitcases. “On All Saints’ Day or annual holidays », Dubai’s destination will operate two A380s a day from Paris. “ Tourist customers wanted fresh air, we have a business customer who is constantly traveling ”.

Reopened on July 7, 2020 for business and leisure customers, Dubai is set to place health protocols that allow business and trade flows to resume quickly.

« For example, we have also taken strong measures, meaning that 85% of our teams are now vaccinated. »Refers to the General Manager of Emirates France.

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On board, wearing a mask is mandatory, while flight attendants distribute masks and hydro alcohol solutions to all passengers, while crew wear safety equipment (gown, mask, goggles).

The reopening table is only partially known

Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world, but also the hub connecting the Middle East and Asia, and even the Pacific with Australia.

However, passengers should be more patient in this regard as if the cycles resume, all connections will only be re-established in the next few months.

“Overall, Indian Ocean destinations will be reopened for the first time, for example, a concession will be refunded. Phuket In Thailand in early July, Mauritius will be partially reopened in July and will be widely reopened in October. ” Cedric Renard explains.

However, he notes that things will take longer in Asia, especially in Singapore, China or Japan, and more widely in Australia: “We understand that we have to do things in a consistent manner and adapt to all health measures He adds.

In support of this redemption, Emirates will ease its trading conditions, upgrade with a mechanism for free modification or cancellation of tickets, as well as an advertising offer of 44 449 for the Lyon-Dubai tour.

Although the company has not yet commented on the amount of bookings recorded during this recovery, it notes: “Today, an aircraft can only make a profit if it observes passenger and cargo flows”.

The continuation of flights connected to the transportation of goods (medical equipment, machinery, etc.) is one way to emphasize that Emirates can better overcome this crisis. By 2020, the company will have transported nearly 7,000 tons of medical equipment on departure or arrival from Lyon, to a city that typically accounts for 30% of French exports within a group.

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