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“Egyptians” party: Egypt’s refusal to expel foreigners from Gaza is a victory for humanity because of the wounded.


Written by Muhammad al-Sayyid al-Shasli

Sunday, November 05, 2023 at 08:00 PM

Counselor Hussein Abu Al-Atta, head of the Egyptian Party and member of the Executive Office of the Egyptian Party Coalition, praised Egypt’s refusal to evacuate foreign nationals after Israel refused to evacuate the wounded from Gaza hospitals..

Abu al-Ada said in a statement that Egypt’s decision to refuse to evacuate foreigners after Israel refused to evacuate the wounded from Gaza hospitals was a victory for Egypt’s political leadership and the Egyptian government’s humanity. Influencing the resolution of the Palestinian crisis with the aim of halting expansion in the Gaza Strip in the face of Israeli occupation violations..

The head of the Egyptian party added that Egyptian efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause will not stop in confronting the inhumane acts and crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, praising Egyptian efforts at all levels in exposing Israeli practices, and supporting the Palestinian cause. Preventing entry of homicides and relief, as well as targeting hospitals, schools and camps.

He explained that there is a clear failure of the international community to stop Israel’s brutal occupation against innocent Palestinians, adding that the international community still uses double standards in dealing with the Palestinian issue because it justifies the Israeli system for humanitarianism. Crimes targeting civilians, children, women, hospitals and schools, while denying entry… Aid to affected people in the Gaza Strip.

He explained that since the beginning of the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, Egypt has been insisting that the Rafah crossing was opened and not closed from the Egyptian side, and that the Israeli side is deliberately blocking the Rafah crossing and putting obstacles in it. The roads leading to the crossing are potholed and throwing bombs at the crossing ambulances is considered a hindrance. Before completing administrative procedures, especially insurance procedures; This disrupts the work of crossing and prevents the exit of cases requiring treatment in Egypt.

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He stressed that the Israeli side’s aggressive actions fall within the framework of violations of all international laws and norms, which are war crimes and require trial by the International Criminal Court. Coordinated with the government’s diplomatic efforts. Despite the instability and complications faced by the Israeli authorities, the Egyptian government succeeds every day in increasing the speed and volume of aid entering Gaza.

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