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Starting Tuesday… Climate and artificial intelligence are on the agenda of the Global Fatwa Council conference


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”

Under the generous patronage of Sheikh Abdullah bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, headed by the scholar Sheikh Abdullah bin Baiyah, Chairman of the Emirates Council for Sharia Fatwa; The “Second Global Conference” organized by the Emirates Fatwa Council in the capital Abu Dhabi, titled “Towards Shariah Integration of Scientific Development – Civilized Methodology, Realistic Applications and Ethics for Sustainability” begins on Tuesday. ,” and the conference will continue for two days.

Apart from 71 fatwa bodies around the world, more than 160 scientific and intellectual personalities representing more than 50 countries are participating in the conference. The conference will provide a platform for exchange of expertise and experiences among fatwa institutions on approaches to dealing with scientific developments, and for creating a supportive environment for establishing research and practical laboratories in collaboration and coordination with various academic institutions and academies.

said the doctor. Omar Al-Darai, Director General of the Council and Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee, said that the agenda for this year included several topics, including the issuance of fatwas on scientific development, which were discussed in the first session. Participants will discuss 3 important and relevant topics, from a fundamentalist perspective of legal understanding and developments. Scientific and Cultural Diligence Standards Sustainability, Quality of Life and Its Impact on Legal Fatwa, as well as Legal Integration of Scientific Advances in Ethics Fatwa.

The second session titled “Integration of Sharia Fatwas and Scientific Developments in the Space and Climate Sector” will discuss several important issues such as: Keeping pace with developments in space and climate and their solutions to contribute to the provision of law. Through a Shariah understanding approach based on perception, accurate understanding and better jurisprudential adaptation.

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The third session discusses the integration of legal fatwas and scientific developments on medical issues. This topic sheds light on the scientific advances in the field of medicine and the rapid cognitive and technological progress it has witnessed, the impact of which has spread to all aspects of human life. It calls for concerted efforts among scientific and legal professionals to promote moral values ​​and establish common principles.

Sharia fatwas related to family medicine and their integration with scientific developments are important. This is what the speakers will discuss in the fourth session of the conference. The topic of this issue is based on: explaining the most important scientific and technological developments in the field of family medicine and their most important challenges and legal implications; Develop accurate scientific concepts and appropriate legal solutions, thus creating a balance between scientific and moral progress; To maintain the stability of families and the unity of their members.

As for the fifth session, it discusses legal fatwas in the field of artificial intelligence and understanding its scientific developments. By discussing artificial intelligence and its contemporary applications and the realistic, ethical, legal and philosophical challenges they raise in the light of digital openness and rapid development and its relevance to various areas of life, legal understanding and jurisprudence are required. Adaptation of its current problems and issues.

Commenting on the conference’s most prominent speakers, the Council’s Director General said: “We are proud to have a panel of national and international dignitaries participating in this conference that will enrich the theme of the conference and achieve its goals. and strategic visions. Prominent among these figures are Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Sheikh Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Chairman of the UAE Freedom Accelerators for Climate Change and CEO Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayya, Chairman of the Emirates Council for Sharia Fatwa, Egypt. Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic Dr. Shawki Allam and Dr. Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Abdullah Al Zaid, Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim World League and Secretary of the Islamic Jurisprudence Academy. Hamdan Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, Muhammad Al Dawaini, Al Azhar Deputy Secretary Al Sharif, Professor of Cardiac Surgery in France Philippe Menashe and Member of the Emirates Council for Sharia Fatwa Dr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Haddad, General of the Supreme Scientific Council in Morocco. Secretary Dr. Saeed Shabar and others.

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The conference will serve as a global platform to highlight the UAE’s pioneering role in promoting scientific development, advanced technology and cultural diligence, openness to diverse sciences and cultures, concern for Islamic and human values, role of fatwa bodies and institutions. In the field of cultural diligence and legal knowledge, in accordance with the latest developments of the times, and implementing the tools of juridical diligence, civilization, and renewing methods to achieve systematic benefits that accommodate rapid scientific and technological progress in human societies.

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