June 6, 2023

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Egypt’s leading 3D film “Day 13” opens in Arab countries

After the movie “Day 13” received huge revenue, according to Egyptian press sources, it surpassed at least 7 Egyptian movies that were shown at the same time as the new movie opened in Egypt, namely: “Harley” by Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan, and “After Evil” by rising comedian Ali. Rabih, Haifa Wehbe’s “Ramses Paris”, and other films such as “Ibn Haj Ahmed”, “The Last Row”, “An Hour of Answer” and “The Adventures of Coco”.
Cinematic work was shown in Arab cinemas on May 25, and was the first film shot and shown in 3D technology, which contributed to achieving this great success 5 weeks after its release in theaters, and attracted unprecedented interest. Visitors.

The events of the work, dominated by mystery and anticipation, revolve around the hero of the work, Eez El-Din, who is embodied in the film by the star Ahmed Daoud, and returns from his separation for the purpose of sales. The family house, which he inherited with the intention of selling it to his family palace, he is surprised to find, unlike his expectations, a collection of secrets and strange secrets. Later, the hero decides to live in it to explore its depths, so with his experience of stability in the middle of the palace, endless interesting events and strange incidents begin, in which he meets the heroes of the creation, namely: Dina El-Sherbini, Sherif Mounir, Ahmad Zahir, Jumana Murad, Arwa Gouda. , Mahmoud Abdel-Mokhni and a large crew join forces to experience this masterpiece, produced by Oscar Distribution under the direction of Egyptian director and writer Wael Abdullah. Company.

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Coupled with the success of the work after its third week in cinemas, its hero, Ahmed Dawood confirmed that the film’s leadership is the first to reflect its production side’s eagerness to invest in all the latest technologies. All, regardless of their size, belong to powerful stars, which raises the value and quality of the work. Daoud asserted that the film’s story and its treatments respect the mind of the Arab viewer, establishing a kind of public curiosity to know the film’s story and details.