March 20, 2023

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Einstein with an Iraqi scientist?! .. Image flipping communication sites

A film allegedly linking the legend of physics with the German scientist Albert Einstein and the Iraqi physicist Abdul-Jabbar Abdullah was of interest in Iraqi circles.

Publishers said the photo was rare, and Einstein accompanied Abdullah, the first president of the University of Baghdad and one of the German genius students.

Completely false claim

Amid a series of questions about the basics, history and details of the photo that spread on social media, it was revealed that the shot was fake.

Wrong image

When Einstein visited the Advanced Research Institute in Princeton, USA, standing next to the graduates of Yeshiva University, it was revealed that the film belonged to Einstein.

The famous physicist appeared with 5 men in a film dated August 7, 1952, which was published on the Getty Images website, confirmed by AFP.

At the time it was spreading with a comment: “5 graduates of Joshiva University enjoying a visit with renowned scientist Albert Einstein at the Institute for Advanced Research in Princeton,” with the names of five students, without any reference to existence. One of them is the Iraqi physicist Abdul-Jabbar Abdullah.

Perfect picture

Perfect picture

Notable Iraqi scientist

Abdul-Jabbar Abdullah is an Iraqi physicist who graduated from the American University of Beirut and continued his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then held several positions in the field of education in Iraq and contributed to the development of secondary education. There.

He was later appointed head of the physics department at the Higher Teachers’ Home and was a member of the founding committee of the University of Baghdad, after which he became its second chairman.

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