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Elham al-Fadala complains about her husband Shehab Kohar, what is the reason for that?

Elham al-Fadala complains about her husband Shehab Kohar, what is the reason for that?

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Amir Fathi wrote on Thursday, November 11, 2021 05:43 am – Kuwaiti artist appeared Important Fatala In a video clip, she complains about her husband, a Kuwaiti artist Shehab JoharDespite constantly flirting with her on social media.

Elham al-Fadalah posted a video on his personal account on the Snapshot app in which she said she was waiting for her husband Shehab Johar, who was in the car, and she seemed to have been waiting a long time, she insisted. The situation often recurs.

Elham al-Fadalah explained that he had complained about Shehab Kohar’s continued delays in his appointments, that he usually forgot things before leaving the house, so he returned to pick them up.

After Shehab Kohar returned, he responded with a laugh and justified the reason for delaying his appointments: “In order for this to become an important person … let people lose you.”

Ilham al-Fadalah responded to her husband’s sarcastic justification: “I do not want to become an important person. I want to go to my meeting. I am one. My appointments are English and polite by the minute.”

In response to Ilham al-Fatala’s speech, Shihab Kohar shouted, “No, no, no, no,” and drove the car at high speed, frightening her.

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