June 7, 2023

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Elon Musk is skeptical about the “Twitter” deal due to “fake accounts”

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In a series of tweets after several hours, Twitter CEO Barack Agarwal said in a series of tweets that he expected the deal to end: “I will not use the contract as an excuse to avoid gaining prominence. The company’s health decisions.” No Twitter leader would do that.

The fight against fake accounts is the cornerstone of Musk’s attempt to reform Twitter. In announcing his deal to buy the company last month, he expressed his desire to defeat “spam bots”, verify that all accounts belong to real humans, and open up their mechanisms. Musk said he wants to create a platform for freedom of expression and remove barriers to managing content.

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The use of bots on Twitter is currently allowed, although under the company’s policy, these accounts will be automatically activated. The platform names “good” bots, such as the “@tinycarebot” account, which tweets self-defense reminders. However, spam bots are not allowed and the company has policies aimed at combating them.

Doubts about Musk’s ability to back out of its Twitter acquisition have increased in recent days, and the merchant may consider lowering the auction price of the micro-blogging site. The whole deal was an unusual move, with Musk being a “merely” affluent user, revealing that he owned more than 9% of the company, and then, within weeks, launched an unsolicited acquisition offer without extensive financial plans. All of this happened quickly at once, as Musk gave up the opportunity to look at Twitter’s funding beyond what was publicly available.

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