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Emirates Airlines builds flight maintenance with digital solutions


Emirates Airlines and Boeing have signed a memorandum of understanding to benefit from advanced digital technologies and accelerate improvements in maintenance operations.

Emirates Airlines said in a statement yesterday that it is focusing on key areas including flight inspections using drones, improving the accuracy and efficiency of maintenance tasks using virtual and augmented reality, future generation forecasting and proactive maintenance operations.

Ahmed Safa, Emirates Senior Vice President of Engineering, said: “Thanks to our partnership with Boeing, we will be able to maximize the benefits of advanced technologies and digital excellence. The highest quality, providing our customers with the best travel experience.” .

He added: “Whether inspections are carried out using drones with agility and precision, or enabling engineers to see behind panels or internal channels, it can help identify components that are not visible to the naked eye without the need to remove them. Our agreement with them… (Boeing) has given us important steps to maximize the maintenance of our (Boeing 777) aircraft.

For his part, Brad Surak, vice president of digital aviation solutions at Boeing Global Services, said: “Supporting our customers on their digital transformation journey is about leveraging innovation to ensure their needs are optimized rather than improving maintenance operations. Operations are met today and in the long term.”

Integrating drone technology into maintenance tasks reflects Emirates Airlines’ progress, using high-resolution cameras to speed up exterior inspections of wide-body aircraft. .

The images and data collected through this method form the basis of detailed reports, allowing greater accuracy and helping to achieve more accurate future studies.

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Using virtual vision tools for mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality allows Emirates engineers to explore the depth and other aspects of any part of the aircraft.

Boeing’s new generation of predictive and proactive maintenance technology uses advanced analytics and predictive insights to help Emirates make more informed and accurate fleet maintenance decisions.

“Emirates Engineering”

Emirates Engineering is one of the world’s most technologically advanced aircraft maintenance facilities, providing support for the world’s largest fleet of Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft.

The engineering team manages and executes all aspects of maintenance, engineering, quality, planning and logistics.

The 400,000 square meter facility includes 12 aircraft hangars and is considered the largest in the Middle East.

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