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Emirates Atomic Energy announces launch of second plant in Paraguay


Emirates Atomic Energy announced on Friday that its subsidiary, Nava Energy, is responsible for operating and maintaining the Baraka quiet nuclear power plant, and has completed the process of commissioning a second reactor within the Baraka plant in Al Dhafra. Area in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Emirates Atomic Energy Corporation and “Nawad” continue to coordinate the United Arab Emirates’ special parade. With a view to accelerating the reduction of the carbon footprint of the energy sector in the country, great progress has been made in achieving the four Paraga plants safely and in a timely manner.

With this achievement, the Baraka plant became the first nuclear power plant to include several plants in operation. This achievement highlights the great potential that the Government has in implementing mega projects through the development of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Project, which adheres to all local regulatory requirements and international standards, as well as being guided by the skills, competencies and expertise of Baraka’s work committees.

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, CEO of the Emirates Atomic Energy Corporation, said: “Today is another milestone in the development of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear program. 24 hours a day, paraga plants support the growth and prosperity of the country.

Al-Hammadi added: “With the opening of the second station in Baraka, we are almost halfway to achieving our goal of providing one-fourth of the United Arab Emirates’ electricity needs, promoting sustainable growth and supporting the country. Efforts to achieve the goals facing climate change.”

Al-Hammadi said: “With the support and guidance of brilliant leadership, the Barakah plant has excelled in implementing new nuclear projects and has become a role model for countries seeking to add nuclear energy to their energy resources. Not only does it provide optimal power, it also helps increase energy security and reliability.

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Nava Energy, part of a joint venture between Emirates Atomic Energy Corporation and the Korean Electric Power Company (KEPCO), completed a comprehensive test project before successfully operating a second reactor in Paraga.

Commenting on this achievement, Nava Energy CEO Eng. Ali Al-Hammadi said: “On this very important occasion for the Baraka plants, we congratulate the distinguished crew for completing the commissioning process of the second plant. We owe a debt of gratitude to our partners in the country and around the world for their continued support and assistance in achieving these achievements to the highest standards of operational performance. “

The start of the process generates heat for the first time through a nuclear reactor, and this heat is used to produce electricity to generate steam and turbine turbines. A similar experience at the first stop.

The tests were carried out under the continuous supervision of the Federal Commission for Nuclear Regulation, an independent body regulating the nuclear industry in the United Arab Emirates, and the World Association of Nuclear Operators following the completion of the pre – plant review. Issuance of operating license confirming the stability of the plants. Second Nuclear The best practices applicable in the global nuclear industry.

In the coming months, the second plant will be connected to the main power network in the United Arab Emirates, and the steering committee will begin the process of gradually raising the power level of the plant’s nuclear reactor, known as the “Step-up Power Test”. “In conjunction with continuous monitoring of this process until the maximum productivity of the reactor is reached. Compliance with all regulatory requirements and the highest global standards of safety, quality and safety.

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By supplying large quantities of environmentally friendly electricity generated by the Paraga plants to hundreds of thousands of businesses and homes, the Emirates Atomic Energy Corporation is uniquely leading the largest effort to reduce the carbon footprint in the region, as the first plant in Paraga is the largest single power plant in the United Arab Emirates.

When fully operational, the four Paraga plants will generate up to 5.6 gigawatts of electricity and reduce emissions by 21 million tons, equivalent to removing 3.2 million cars from the country’s roads each year. Billions of mobile phones daily.

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