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Emirates News Agency – 33 activities for “Sharjah Libraries” in February


Sharjah, 27th February, 2020 (WAM) — Sharjah Public Libraries is hosting a series of educational and recreational events this February, seeking to promote health, well-being and community participation among diverse groups. Engage them in important topics such as public and sustainability, technology, mental and emotional health and language learning.

Through various activities, workshops and interactive sessions, individuals were given opportunities to develop creative solutions, improve their skills and knowledge, and create a more responsible and sustainable future.

Sharjah Public Library organized 6 events including “Healthy Work Environment”, “Crayon Take Back Day”, “Climate Change”, “Integration of Children with Disabilities in Education”, “Food Security…a Sustainable Strategy to Address Challenges”. ” and “Sustainable Cities”. It addresses several important topics such as promoting health and well-being, sustainability, education and community participation.

Gorbachan Public Library organized 6 different programs focusing on environmental issues and emphasizing the importance of developing personality. A session on “Work Stress Management” and a workshop on “Plastic Planet” were held. To the planet through plastic.

For the “Breathing Underwater” workshop, participants learned about best practices that people can take control of by educating the audience on how to protect the aquatic environment, “creating personality change” and “hijacking the future”. Stresses of life.

In the case of Kalpa Public Library, it held 5 interactive community activities designed to educate, entertain and participate, starting with technology, to promote work culture among the youth and learn about the benefits of library membership. Find employment, protect against scams and online scams, and engage in meaningful discussions about mental and emotional health. Meanwhile, Aquarium Decorations A to Z provides opportunities for individuals to learn about aquatic life and protect against pollution.

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Al Tai Public Library promotes creativity, environmental awareness and mental health through 4 events in its list of awareness and education programs including “Design Thinking”, “Investing in Green Paper”, “Motherhood without Safeguards” and “Integrity”.

The programs aim to provide a platform for individuals to develop creative solutions, educate the public about environmental protection, raise awareness about maternal mental health, and develop teamwork and leadership skills by encouraging individuals to take action towards a more creative, responsible and sustainable future.

and Dibba Al-Hisn Public Library met members of the community through 6 educational and recreational activities, from “Make News” to “Colorful Ideas to Color Your Lesson,” where participants learned through a “Make Your Own Food” workshop. In order to know more about the things that protect their health, the “Five” session increased the languages ​​we need to learn. Held on the topics “Managing Professional Relationships in a Co-Working Environment” and “Effective Research”.

The Wadi Al-Helou Public Library held 6 educational and creative activities, including “Learn about a beam” about clean energy, “Sustainability and agricultural investment”, “Don’t close the door before it” to raise innovative children and “Make” with plastic”, which brings the community It sought to inspire and empower audiences through education and creativity.

Emad al-Ali / Bathul Kashwani

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