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The war in Ukraine.. a cease-fire in the Korean way!


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In 1950, North Korean forces invaded South Korea, relying on military support from the Soviet Union, its strategic ally at the time. Reincorporated in 1990, and placed Japan and Germany under trusteeship.

Despite the passage of more than seventy years, the conditions and geography between the Ukrainian and Korean wars are completely similar. The adversaries are the same – the United States and the Russians – and the international faction, and the policy of engagement directed by Washington for its opponents, is one, due to these competing strategic interests and the establishment of a new international order. is guided.

In the Ukrainian War, following attacks by Nazi extremists from western Ukraine, forces from eastern regions initially rushed to protect the local population, “Eastern Ukraine” relied on Russian support, but that support turned into a major war within weeks. The arrival of the Russian army.

Much the same happened in Korea. After World War II, within the framework of rapid efforts to disarm the Japanese military occupying Korea, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed in 1945 to divide Korea into 38 for administrative purposes. degrees north latitude, division turned from a temporary solution into a reality. It was because of the differences between the two giants and the undeclared agreement to share the Korean peninsula that tensions rose around the dividing line, and the fighting reached the stage of a border war between the Republic of Korea Army and the North Korean People’s Army, so the north would be supported by the Soviet Union. War broke out between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the pro-Western Republic of Korea. The South, so the Soviets then intervened in favor of the North, leaving the Americans standing in South Korea, a bloody war involving Moscow and Washington, and the war lasting about 3 years.

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American officials viewed that war as a war with global communist powers, and today they see the war in Ukraine as a war against the Russians, who represent forces so different from the Western leftist system that it is perhaps acceptable to call it the nation’s model. While it says it shares with the Russians, China rejects other countries’ far-left values.

Maybe it’s important to know how the Korean War ended so we can approach the Ukrainian War, and how is it expected to end?

In the “Korean-Korean” war, the death toll was more than 5 million, most of them right-wing in divided Korea, including about 40,000 American soldiers, and more than 100,000 American soldiers were wounded.

But what is remarkable is that none of the belligerents succeeded, instead, the war voluntarily ceased without declaring surrender, and thus the belligerents signed a temporary cease-fire, which became permanent in July 1953.

Notably, that cease-fire did not fall for 70 years, and defined a two-mile-wide “demilitarized zone” that remains to this day.

The war isn’t over, the Koreans are still looking out for each other, North Korea is still setting its nuclear missiles at its southern neighbors, and South Korea is taking refuge in the Americans, flattering them and asking for their approval. They are protectors and protectors, or perhaps the Americans wanted the Koreans to understand this, because without them, North Korea would invade South Korea within hours.

In the Ukrainian war, a truce is expected between the two sides, similar to the Korean truce, or in a more precise sense (decoding, and I decipher) a popular conclusion to any equal war, or neither adversary wants it. To become a murder.

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While the Americans don’t want a Russian victory, they also don’t want a humiliating defeat for Russia, and while the Russians say they won because they deterred the West with nuclear weapons, they seem soft on the possibility. Using it.

On the ground, Russia and its allies could hold four pens, and Ukraine would become an advanced base for the Americans, and a non-final solution would be satisfactory to all parties, with no clear victory or certainty. failure

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