May 18, 2022

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Emirates News Agency - A deal between Seven Federies and Safe Power Tech to improve freight services between Fujairah and Bangladesh

Emirates News Agency – A deal between Seven Federies and Safe Power Tech to improve freight services between Fujairah and Bangladesh

Abu Dhabi, April 15 / WAM / Abu Dhabi Ports Group announced today that its shipping arm Sven Feathers has entered into a long-term agreement with Bangladesh-based Safe Power Tech Limited. Departments of Civil Engineering and Energy.

Fujairah and Bangladesh have a 15-year cooperation agreement in the freight services sector, with Sven Feathers delivering 8 “Supramax” total carriers to a secure power tech company weighing 55,000 tons. Cargo ship charter agreements to facilitate and facilitate maritime trade.

Both sides manage and operate wholesale shipping services, and other potential areas of cooperation between the two sides include leasing a berth and boats to improve and enhance freight operations and accepting advanced storage solutions offered by the Abu Dhabi Ports Group.

In addition to facilitating the movement of public and solid cargo between the ports of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates and the ports of Chittagong and Mongla in Bangladesh, the new wholesale freight services include cargo operations to the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. .

The agreement covers several areas of future cooperation in the development and investment of both sides in infrastructure and maritime projects in Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates.

Capt. Maktoum Al Hogani, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports Group’s Maritime Division, said: “Our collaboration with Secure PowerTech provides customers with fast delivery and new services at a low cost, as well as meeting their needs related to dry bulk shipping. Freight, and all the sectors in which we operate positively and positively affect maritime trade. He added: “Sven Feders’ extensive experience as a leading provider of maritime transport services and the advanced capabilities of its fleet allow Secure PowerTech to expedite trade in the UAE and Bangladesh and other dry goods, with key markets in the region and abroad.” In turn, Capt. Ammar Mubarak Al Shaiba, CEO of Sven Feders and Executive CEO of the Ports Director of the Abu Dhabi Ports Group, pointed out the importance of this agreement, which establishes a new partnership between the Abu Dhabi Port Board and one. Leading companies in providing logistics services in Bangladesh. The cooperation contributes to facilitating maritime trade between the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh and strengthening trade links between the two countries. ” He added: “In addition to its role in enhancing trade cooperation between the two countries, the agreement signed with Secure Power Tech provides new opportunities to improve maritime freight services to customers in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and many other key regions.” For his part, Travdhar Mohammed Ru Al-Amin, General Manager, Safe Power Tech, said: “We are pleased to launch this partnership with Abu Dhabi Ports Group’s Sven Feathers, which will contribute to enhancing our capabilities as a maritime operator. He said, “The total of 55,000 tonnes of carriers that Sven Feathers offers us in personalized charter deals will definitely help our customers achieve consistent revenue and better returns.”

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Sven Feathers was established in 2020 as a maritime service provider within the Abu Dhabi Port Group, with the aim of promoting maritime services in the UAE and the region by providing transshipment services connecting ports that support the Emirate of Abu Dhabi commercially. Movement in the United Arab Emirates and neighboring parts of the Arabian Gulf and the semi-arid Indian continent.

The company currently provides unique and integrated services to a number of shipping companies and distributors in the region and facilitates the exchange of shipping containers between large container vessels and the company’s fleet serving major regional ports in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Oman, Bahrain, Iraq except Pakistan and India.

WAM / Ahmed Al Nuaimi / Dina Omar