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Emirates News Agency – Bahrain National Day .. Eid in Manama and happiness in Abu Dhabi


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Abu Dhabi, 16 December / WAM / Today, the United Arab Emirates participates in its 50th National Day celebrations with the fraternal kingdom of Bahrain on 16 December each year, amidst celebration and official and public participation. Fraternal relations and a well-established strategic partnership between two fraternal nations and peoples.

During the event, the United Arab Emirates will host a number of special events and events, including the flag-raising ceremony with the Bahraini flag, festive expressions at the country’s airports, and the arrival of Bahraini visitors to the UAE with flowers and souvenirs. , In addition to the special festive event for the Expo 2020 event in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain have been linked by historical ties that have extended their roots over the decades, aiding and abetting their growth and development through a stable and common vision that unites the two brotherly nations, the relations that emerge from common relations. “May God protect him” The history of Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan and Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King of the Kingdom of the Sisters of Bahrain.

Relations between the two countries are one of the most important pillars of maintaining the unity and security and stability of the Gulf House, and they are of great importance in light of the unique political and strategic weight they enjoy at the regional and global levels. Levels, they adopt a rational, balanced and moderate foreign policy and are one of the leading models in the region in the areas of sustainable policies, ambitious reform, development and modernization policies and commitment to the state of the institutions and the law.

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Since 2000 Emirati-Bahrain relations have taken on wide dimensions and boundaries at all levels, since the formation of the Joint High Commission between them, the two fraternal peoples and the joint Gulf action process have been supported.

At the economic and trade level, the trend of cooperation between the two brotherly countries, especially in the last few years, confirms the strength and integration of the relations between the two countries, the volume of non-oil trade between the two countries recorded 20.13 billion dirhams in 2020, while in the first eight months of this year it was 14 billion. Were dirhams.

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are bound by a number of economic and trade agreements and MoUs that have contributed to increasing the volume of trade between them in the past.In recent years, the two sister countries have signed a number of agreements and MoUs. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Quality Assurance on Space Exploration and Use, and Quality Assurance, and Agriculture and Living Water Resources in a number of areas, especially for peaceful purposes. The two countries have signed an agreement. To study the development of renewable energy projects between the Supreme Council for the Environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company “Muster” and to cooperate in a number of areas.

The two countries combine the common cultural heritage of art and literature to form a common cultural identity for their people and for all the peoples of the Arabian Gulf region, while the common customs and traditions between the two peoples are reflected in many vocabularies in poetry. Related to prose, story, oral tradition, proverbs and folk tales, as well as lifestyles in general.

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In previous years, the two countries have signed a number of agreements and protocols in the field of cultural cooperation to preserve the common historical heritage of the two countries.

WAM / Magdy Salman / Mustafa Badr El-Din

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