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The United Arab Emirates receives the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency


Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”

This week, the United Arab Emirates hosted the official visit of Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Croce, who is touring the Baraka nuclear power plant in addition to other companies in the country.

As a new country in the field of nuclear energy, in 2020, the United Arab Emirates became the first Arab country to operate a nuclear power plant, following the orders of the wise leadership of the country.

The Baraka nuclear power plant has 4 units, where the first unit operates commercially, and the second unit undergoes tests in preparation for operation, with a third unit construction and a fourth construction rate unit reaching 91%.

The United Arab Emirates has been working closely with the International Atomic Energy Agency since 1976 on nuclear and non-nuclear aspects. In 2008, when the United Arab Emirates introduced its nuclear policy, the relationship between the government and the IAEA was strengthened. Safety, transparency and security standards set the United Arab Emirates a role model in nuclear development around the world, a success story for new entrants to the use of nuclear energy.

The IAEA supports the development of a nuclear program to meet the growing energy needs of the United Arab Emirates.

As the United Arab Emirates holds 12 international missions covering the areas of nuclear safety, nuclear safety, radiation protection, emergency preparedness and capacity building, as well as legal and regulatory, the agency has provided guidance on improving the national nuclear infrastructure. Systems and nuclear prohibition.

Rafael Crocey, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said: “I was delighted to visit the Baraka Atomic Power Station and witness the achievements of the United Arab Emirates over the past 10 years. Build and operate a nuclear power plant. Developing the United Arab Emirates’ 100% peaceful nuclear program in a safe and secure manner is a model for other countries planning to use a clean energy source to ensure prosperity for their people. Like other member states initiating or expanding the use of nuclear energy, the IAEA has worked closely with the United Arab Emirates from the outset to help make this vision a reality.

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Hamad al-Khabi, the United Arab Emirates’ Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said: A country that is a role model for new allies in the use of nuclear energy. Close cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and the IAEA plays a key role in ensuring that the country meets its energy needs and maintains the highest standards of security, defense and non-proliferation.

Accompanied by Ambassador Hamad al-Kafi, Grossi visited the headquarters of the Federal Commission for Nuclear Regulation, where he visited the Emergency Operations Center and explained the country’s emergency preparedness and response system for dealing with nuclear or radioactive emergencies.

During his visit, Crossey met with young Emirati engineers at FANR, where he shared his professional vision and discussed future prospects for oversight of the nuclear industry. In addition, learn about the latest innovative regulatory review practices in power.

72% Emiration at the Federal Commission on Nuclear Regulation

Since the launch of the nuclear program in 2008, the United Arab Emirates government has invested in human resource development, especially among the Emirates, to ensure the sustainability of the nuclear program to meet the needs of the country. The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation employs more than 245 employees, and the emirate rate is 72%. The Commission supports the goals of the United Arab Emirates Government as one of the top 25 countries to achieve gender equality by 2021. There has been great progress in empowering women by adopting a gender equality strategy, and women currently represent 42% of the workforce and occupy 50%. % Of leadership positions. In addition, it has 39 female engineers, and 44% of the total workforce is young.

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In line with the objectives of the country’s national agenda, FANR’s research and studies have made significant contributions to the development and maintenance of a high level of knowledge about nuclear and radiation safety. The Authority’s research and research policy helped attract and support Emirates in the field of scientific research, sponsoring 24 staff in the field of specialized nuclear research and leading to the publication of 79 research papers by its staff at the conference.

The United Arab Emirates’ nuclear program complies with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s highest safety standards and international best practices, including nuclear law and regulations. The Government of the United Arab Emirates is committed to the principle of transparency embedded in nuclear policy, in compliance with the Security Agreement, its Additional Protocol, the Nuclear Security Agreement and other international agreements. These pledges ensure that the project is designed for peaceful purposes and in accordance with national and international law.

It is noteworthy that the United Arab Emirates and the International Atomic Energy Agency signed this month on the framework of the country’s plan for the period 2021-2027. The plan represents a reference to planning technical cooperation between the IAEA and member states and identifies priority areas as the focus shifts to nuclear technology and technological cooperation resources to support national development goals. The country’s plan identifies 4 priority areas, including nuclear and infrastructure, nuclear and radiation protection and security, human health, food and agriculture.

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