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Emirates News Agency – Dubai Investment Development Supports Amazon Web Services Data Center Project in the United States


Dubai, September 4, 2019 (WAM) – The Dubai Investment Promotion Corporation, one of Dubai’s financial institutions, has welcomed the announcement of Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s plans to open data centers in the United Arab Emirates in the first half. By 2022, the Amazon Web Area will have services from three data centers in the Middle East (UAE).

This announcement is a continuation of the testimony of the Cloud Technology industry in the Middle East that allows customers to use applications and store data locally. Including computer, storage, networking, databases and analytics capabilities. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet, mobile services and many more. The initiative supports the United Arab Emirates’ focus on promoting technological innovation, making it a valuable global hub for entrepreneurs, e-governments and international organizations.

In this regard, the CEO of the Dubai Investment Promotion Corporation, Fahad Al Kherkavi, said: “Our strategic location enables digital communication around the world in terms of speed, security and infrastructure readiness. Our positive growth environment and ability to attract investment. Dubai Investment Development Company has backed Amazon Web Services since its first investment in the Middle East and North Africa, which opened in Dubai in December 2016. Centers in the United Arab Emirates next year will mark the beginning of a new phase in the continuation and better journey of this relationship, which saw the UAE previously open two direct contact sites / two direct links to Amazon web services / and two sites for cloud front services. ”

He added: “The Digital Transformation System, sponsored and supported by our brilliant leadership, provides a useful platform to pursue and accelerate economic growth through innovation, which is a key destination for entrepreneurs, governments and companies in the UAE. We look forward to launching the infrastructure in the first half of next year so that companies can benefit, ”said Vinod Krishnan, Director, MENA, AWS and Member, Dubai Chamber of Digital Economic Advisory Board. All levels at local and regional levels. Upcoming data centers will create a new addition to Amazon Web Services investments in the United States and support the country’s efforts to improve its position as a growing global hub for technological innovation. Collaborate with Dubai Investment Development Corporation to assist startups, companies and government agencies to take full advantage of AWS cloud technology. ”

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The expansion of “Amazon Web Services” to its cloud infrastructure in the UAE confirms the country’s unique position, making it the first choice for investors looking to invest in the region and the expanding direct regional market worldwide to one-third of consumers. World-renowned trading and investment company.

It is noteworthy that as of June 1, 2021, the latest amendments to the Federal Businesses Act, which give existing and new investors the opportunity to have full ownership of their companies in more than 1,000 business ventures, add to the greater attractiveness of attracting global investors. Especially the UAE and Dubai.

Al Gherkavi said: “We are committed to supporting new investors in Dubai, ensuring that we provide advice and counseling, ensuring smooth processes in the stages of establishing companies, while providing specialized support and follow-up to the next stages.” Dubai has rapidly developed the infrastructure ready for the future as the gateway to the largest market of 2.4 billion consumers living in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the Commonwealth of Independent States. At the same time, Dubai is using its many strategic advantages to achieve uniqueness because the city is the third largest airport in the world in terms of passenger numbers and the ninth largest container port in the world. The largest and best international airlines, thanks to its connectivity with more than 150 destinations and the evolution of transmission and distribution by having an excellent network.

Dubai’s vision for the future and its readiness for the future have become one of the most important centers of economic growth in the world, where talent and wealth are nurtured and promoted.

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According to the Financial Times / FDI Markets, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates easily lead the MENA region, one of the world’s most business-friendly economies and one of the world’s top three investment cities for foreign capital, according to the World Bank’s 2020 Business Report.


WAM / Amal Abedi / Zakaria Mohieldin

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