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Video: Up to $ 8 million .. Torn bank painting re-launched for sale


Sotheby’s has announced that a painting by street artist Banksy, which was partially torn during its sale in 2018, will be auctioned again in London on October 14.

The price of love, formerly known as the “girl with the balloon” (“girl with the balloon”) (behind the “love in the trash”) is estimated at 4 to 6 million pounds (between 5.4 and 8.3 million pounds). Dollars), according to the auction house.

The expected price is unlikely to exceed expectations, four to six times higher than the original price.

The art world was shaken by the self-destruction of part of the painting British artist On October 5, 2018, it was auctioned off by Sotheby’s to a “European collector” for 0 1,042 million ($ 1,356 million).

As soon as the auction was over, to the surprise of the audience, a painting of a little girl with a heart-shaped red balloon fell to the bottom of the painting and began to shatter automatically with a crushing machine held by Pansy. Hidden. Half of the plate was cut off according to this step.

The buyer was initially shocked, but later announced his decision to keep the painting in its new condition.

Spontaneous tear scenes have spread on social media around the world.

Despite the subsequent decay of the painting, or thanks to it, the value of the work increased following this move, thereby making the bank want to condemn the business trend that dominated the art.

Sotheby’s described it as “the most amazing art event of the twenty-first century.”

“On that surreal evening three years ago, I became the re-owner of the painting” Love in the Trash, “quoting the buyer as saying,” It’s time to “give up this job.”

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Originally painted on a wall in south London in 2002, the painting was a favorite masterpiece of the British before being put up for auction.

Since then, the Bristol-based artist’s work on keeping his identity a secret has inspired auctioneers of contemporary art, with a particular focus on hot issues such as immigration, anti – Brexit and denunciation of radical Islam.

In March, a job paying homage to his own health workers was sold for 20 million, and that amount was earmarked for Britain’s public health service.

Banksy went to Bethlehem in 2007, leaving a graffiti map on the defensive wall showing a woman raising her hands in search of an Israeli soldier.

In 2005, he completed nine drawings, including a ladder on a wall and a woman flying balloons, highlighting the impact of the wall on the lives of Palestinians.

The wall became a place for struggles and a place for political-artistic expression. In some places the paintings that cover it attract tourists.

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