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Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Press” sheds light on the development of Arab theater and the most important opportunities and challenges that await it


  • "Dubai Press" He conducts a panel discussion on the development of Arab theater and highlights the most important opportunities and challenges that await it.

DUBAI, 15th April, 2020 (WAM) — Yesterday evening, the Dubai Press Club organized a discussion session titled “Arab Theater and Future Challenges”, which dealt with the importance of theater as a mirror to reflect the reality of Arab societies. The session discussed culture and their development at all levels, the development of the Arab theater industry in general and the challenges faced by the Gulf countries in particular, and the role of the media in promoting and revitalizing theater production. The right path.

A number of artists, producers and theater producers from Arab countries participated in this session held at the Dubai Press Club Ramadan Council. The boundaries of Arab culture, as well as the impact of technological development on the theater industry and the impact of the audience on television screens with the emergence of new platforms for showing theatrical material.

Dubai Press Club Director Dr. Maida Buhumaid said: “Arabic and Gulf theater has a great value and a special place for Arabs, and the competition between theaters has intensified during the month of Ramadan, so it was appropriate to invite.” For a dialogue that brings together theater producers to discuss the opportunities that await them and what they face.” Challenges, and ways to restore the role of theater production as a mirror of society and an important means of discussing its problems, and a window to discuss the economic aspect related to the material income necessary to continue producing plays. , shines a light on achievements, role models and inspirational stories.

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The session, held at the headquarters of the Dubai Press Club, examined several issues related to theatre, the state of Arab culture among writers and theater producers and the role of the media in promoting and propagating the profession. Many of the changes in the Arab theater industry in terms of format, content, and methods are marketing and dissemination.

The participants of the session unanimously agreed on the great development that Arab theater has seen at the technical level and the use of modern methods in all stages of theater production, stressing the need to keep pace with this technological development with new texts that discuss social issues. and are in line with the aspirations of the new generation.

While the debate touched upon the interest of some artists to exhibit their works through satellite channels where audiences and viewers are high, others believe that the proliferation of paid or free viewing platforms is a healthy phenomenon for the recipient and his interests. He points out that the right to choose the work he follows, the social interaction of plays during the Ramadan run, and some artists rely on audience interactions with the play to prove its success, point out that submitting work to social media platforms is not an accurate measure of success.

During the session, speakers reviewed the challenges facing Gulf and Emirati theatre, particularly the lack of drama texts dealing with contemporary Gulf family issues and the lack of support directed by Gulf production companies to provide plays that reflect culture and history. The region, the Gulf countries have many talents and capabilities that ensure great success in this direction.

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