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Emirates News Agency – “EDGE” concludes strategic agreement with “Israel Aerospace Industries” to build advanced drones


Dubai, 18 November / WAM / EDGE Group today signed a strategic agreement with Israel Aerospace Industries, a leading aerospace company, for the joint design of the 170-m class and usable best-in-class, compatible unmanned vessels. For a rich range of military and commercial applications.

Edge Group benefits from its subsidiary Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding, which is a leader in the design, construction, repair, maintenance, upgrade and modification of marine and merchant ships, in partnership with the Israel Defense Defense Industry (ITI). Veins. While the Abu Dhabi shipyard will design the site, integrate the control and payload systems, and develop the operational concept, the Israeli company will create an independent control system and integrate the various workloads into the control system units. Those tasks.

The drone is equipped with advanced sensors, sonar and imaging systems integrated in the command and control system, and can operate remotely, semi-autonomously or completely autonomously without the need for human intervention. This ship is customized to suit all customer needs and offers unique capabilities based on scaling, payload, range, maneuverability and performance.

Military applications of the drone include intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, border and coast patrol, maritime security operations, landmine detection and inspection, submarine detection, anti-submarine and anti-ship combat operations, electronic warfare, as well as its use. Site for vertical departure and landing vehicles. The vessel can be designed for commercial applications such as oceanography, pollution monitoring, oil and gas exploration, material and liquid transport, search and rescue, fire and emergency interventions.

Faisal Al Bunnai, CEO and Managing Director of Edge Group, said: “This monument is a significant achievement for Edge as we collaborate with key companies in the defense sector, such as Israel Aerospace Industries, to enhance our advanced technology portfolio.”

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“Through this strategic partnership, we will be able to reduce the risks to human life, ensure that we meet the key challenges of the various industries and achieve the best independent operational solutions that provide a secure future for all. These developments will open many doors for us, both local and global markets, military and trade.” Whether “.

“We are proud to collaborate with EDGE on this initiative, which is another step in our growing efforts and growing partnerships in the region,” said Boaz Levy, IAI’s President and CEO. Edge Group and Abu Dhabi’s maritime and business operations shipbuilding company and autonomous organizations, Israel Aerospace Industries ‘expertise in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, to present a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates that enhances the opportunities and growth of both companies’ businesses.

EDGE forms an advanced technical team in the defense industry and is one of the top 25 military suppliers in the world.

WAM / Ahmad Al Nuaimi / Abdel Nasser Monim

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