June 6, 2023

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The Arabian Greyhound.. a loyal friend and “hunting companion”.

The Saluki is an important part of the Arabian hunting tradition and is a symbol of desert and jungle hunting traditions. The Arabian Saluki played an important role during falconry expeditions, Saluki hounds are distinguished by their exceptional endurance due to their ability to hide falconry prey in bushes, tall grass or other hiding places. Known for his intelligence and loyalty, his breed has been known for over 7,000 years by raising and caring for him.

Along with the establishment of the Emirates Falconers Club in 2001, the Arabian Saluki Center was established in Abu Dhabi, a first in the Arabian Gulf region and the Middle East, with the aim of reviving one of the most beautiful. Pillars of desert traditions based on hunting using greyhounds.

The Arab Saluki Center aims to revive the sport of hunting with Saluki dogs, preserve their traditions, use them in falconry practice, preserve pure breeds, and provide the necessary knowledge to those who are interested in how to care for and care for them. To train, maintain, propagate and breed them, as well as to register births and issue passports and descent certificates for them and make transport and travel arrangements in accordance with the approved laws.

The Abu Dhabi International Hunt and Equestrian Show represented the first traditional events in the Arab region to celebrate man’s friend and his companions for thousands of years. The “Beauty Saluki” competition is a unique initiative to increase interest in purebred hunting dogs. and to strengthen the relationship of the new generation with the pillars of ancestral tradition.

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Emirates Falconers Club is organizing the activities of the 20th session of the exhibition from August 23 to August 29.

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Show, for the first time, celebrated the status of falcons, horses, camels and hounds alike through competitive events, and these competitions gave the show an interesting competitive atmosphere. .

“The Most Beautiful Hound”

The precise evaluation and judging criteria for the “Most Beautiful Hound” competition include the characteristics of the participating dog’s descent breed, behavior (such as walking and running), and general appearance (head, eye, nose, mouth, etc.). ear, teeth and jaw), texture and shape (size, neck). , shoulders, chest, back, and tail), appearance (skin, color, movement, and legs), general appearance, and psychological traits, in addition to hunting and stalking abilities.

The show management has announced the introduction of a new edition of the Arabian Saluki beauty pageant for 2023, in which owners of the Saluki must ensure that the participating dog is healthy, has a vaccination certificate and carries an electronic chip. .