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Abu Dhabi, April 2 / WAM / Today, in its editorial, entitled “Two Excellent Leaders, Thank You”, confirmed that when people express their true feelings, the heart is out of bounds and the eyes are filled with tears of emotion. Because of gratitude, the preservation of truth, and the recognition of goodness and mercy, pervasive feelings can only exist in adults, in one person, place, and condition.

He added, “May God protect him and his brothers, the rulers of the Emirates, from their exceptional status in the truest sense of the word, under their leadership and concerted efforts, under the patronage of the head of state, Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan.” Presented by His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces. Despite this, they take the initiative.Thank people, and encourage them to take the first steps, they need to be a role model for an example.

He said: Yesterday was an extraordinary day in the history of Emirates, although all days were special, the screening of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, the most important, important, most beautiful and most amazing event, has been extended by six months. , With an unparalleled organization, visited close to 25 million pavilions in 192 countries, offering their most unique features, and the result was Musk, with a wonderful feast .. but most impressive, surprising and profound, two Leaders confirmed that we are moving towards the most beautiful, wonderful and profound .

And I ended up saying: “A great man addresses a great man, a word that is humble and easy to pronounce in its writing, but it is excellent in its meanings, contents and dimensions.” “Thank you, Mohammed bin Rashid,” “Thank you, Mohammed bin Saeed.” .

The United Arab Emirates, with its leadership and people, is a blend of tolerance, harmony, respect and acceptance of others. Al Bayan newspaper stressed in its editorial today under the headline “Successful Diplomacy” that a nation enjoys a dignified nation. Life and respect.

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He added that Emirati diplomacy, which is based on spreading peace and love among all the peoples of the earth, has helped the state to play a key role in controlling crises and disputes between nations, creating innovative diplomacy with balance and mutual interests in mind. In addition to its effective contribution to the world, and its successful political alliances, its humanitarian, relief and economic aid programs, peacekeeping operations and the protection of its citizens, it has worked tirelessly to strengthen its presence through its soft tools.

As chairman of the Security Council since the beginning of last month, he believes that at a time when the world is witnessing political turmoil, the country believes in diplomacy and dialogue as ways to meet urgent global challenges. It must strengthen those policies throughout its presidency. Emirati diplomatic missions to the Security Council are based on international, regional and Arab priorities and challenges, such as women, peace and global security, climate protection, and cooperation between the Council and the Arab League. Addressing the latest developments in world security issues.

He pointed out that the United Arab Emirates has a rich diplomatic record, having played a key role in establishing peace in many regions around the world and played a key role in resolving the historic conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2018. For nearly two decades, the same year led to unprecedented diplomatic efforts to mediate the resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan, and its efforts led to a breakthrough in the crisis after the first open and open negotiations between Afghanistan. Parties.

He concluded by saying, “The United Arab Emirates has always strongly insisted that the language of dialogue be a priority in achieving peaceful solutions to all problems and crises. In the arena of humanitarian and humanitarian response, it plays a leading regional and international role.”

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Under the headline “UAE Vision, the Gateway to the New World”, Al-Watan newspaper reported that it was headed by State President Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan, “May God protect him” and his Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Hynes Sheikh Mohammed. Then Rashid al-Maktoum said, “May God protect him.” Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, confirms that the United Arab Emirates, with its grand parade and unprecedented epic achievements in achieving pioneering achievements at various levels, is on a global front with ambitions, strong visions and a strong effort to keep pace with the future. It is preparing for it with hopeful, ambitious and promising successes that will have an impact on all global endeavors.

He said that in our country, leadership has established a unique path to prosperity, progress and elevation, and that exception is a feature of civilized endeavors aimed at the benefit of humanity, and that ambitions do not always know boundaries and achievements. , But the stages of a comprehensive development, which serves as a starting point and the basis for following, because it is embedded in the national strategy of the United Arab Emirates, reflecting its position, the government must live in accordance with global beliefs, including decentralization. An oasis that enriches the thinking of those who are optimistic, supportive of ambitions and aim to move towards better and cohesive gains.

He said that “Expo 2020 Dubai” was an important venue and an honorable product, confirmed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan on the occasion of the impressive and historic success of the main event.

He concluded: “Expo Dubai” is part of the message of the United Arab Emirates, which aims to reduce the distance between all nations, create purposeful unity and a brighter future in which all mankind enjoys a better life and a belief in the sustainability of all commodities. The world has a part of its creative vision, especially when the world realizes the seriousness of the challenges and the importance of strengthening efforts, and these great efforts have come at a time when it has established its full confidence in its approach and capabilities. The world at a new stage and the different history of starting the “Dubai Expo” and what it has achieved.

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Al-Etihad newspaper reported under the headline “Giving Ramadan”: Ramadan has arrived, we enjoy stability and prosperity in the Emirates, and we are proud of our exceptional achievements and we work for humanity under brilliant leadership. No effort was made to preserve the best ways to a decent life, and progress was sought with a perspective to achieve prosperity and well-being and to create a brighter future of development for future generations.

Ramadan is a holy month in which efforts, together with the intensification of charitable activities, have become an Emirati value that manifests itself in solidarity and solidarity with the peoples of the world, which addresses great plans to combat poverty and hunger. In addition to the many efforts of the Red Cross, the “Billion Meals” program launched in the first days of Holy Month to help the poor in more than 50 countries is significant. At home and abroad.

He concluded: By encouraging us to spread goodness, love and peace, and to strengthen unity, by increasing the value of giving what our ancestors sowed in our consciences, our gains and achievements will increase in the month of goodness. It is a starting point for building many bridges of cooperation between members of society, and with the people of the earth, which translated the principles of human brotherhood, from here, into the world, from the capital of tolerance.

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