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Abu Dhabi, June 13 / WAM / Local newspapers published this morning in their editorials continued their efforts to support the aspirations of the Yemeni people of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for growth and prosperity and to strengthen the pillars of peace. Expansion of their vital and most important role in maintaining the unity, security and stability of Yemen and Arab and international efforts to enhance the aspirations of the Yemeni people. From the grip of the Houthi coup.

Newspapers highlight the promising and encouraging results of the United Arab Emirates’ national efforts, including the global efforts of Mohammed bin Rashid, which attracted more than 2.5 million participants at the initiative of one million Uzbek programmers. The success of these initiatives in developing efforts to innovate the future and in encouraging young people to achieve leadership, develops their skills and enhances them with the skills and tools for the future.

Under the heading “Support for Yemen”, al-Etihad newspaper wrote an updated Arab position emphasizing the support of the Yemeni people and their right to reclaim their state and end the conspiracy of the Houthi militants. In addition to his insistence on a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe in the Red Sea, he led many advances in the political process as a result of the stubbornness of the Houthis to end the greatest humanitarian crisis caused by famine and human displacement in Yemen. Shortcuts in

The Arab League Council emphasizes the importance of a political solution to end the crisis in Yemen, creating the right conditions to transform the ceasefire into a permanent ceasefire, and to end the Houthi uprising and all its occupation. Procedures, and responding to Arab and international peace efforts; To achieve the demands and aspirations of the Yemeni people towards the unity and cooperation of the Yemeni forces and to prioritize the supreme national interest for a secure and sustainable future.

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In conclusion, he stressed that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia continue to support the aspirations of the people of fraternal Yemen for development and prosperity, and to extend their vital and most important role in preventing the fall of the Yemeni state in order to consolidate peace. Its efforts to safeguard its unity, security and stability and to enhance the aspirations of the Yemeni people in the Arab and international arenas. He supported the Presidential Command to address the challenges facing Yemen. Houthi conspiracy.

On the other hand, under the headline “The Dynamics of the Digital Economy”, the Al Bayan newspaper claimed that 2.5 million participants were inspired by Mohammed bin Rashid’s global efforts. Overseeing the “Dubai Future Foundation” in November 2019 as an extension of the “One Million Arab Flags” initiative initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mohammed bin Rashid “May God protect him” in 2018 as part of global initiatives.

He added a new dimension to His Highness’s initiatives aimed at enhancing future innovation efforts and encouraging young people around the world to achieve leadership.

He said the goal of one million Uzbek programmers has surpassed the target of reaching one million programmers within 4 academic tracks: data analysis, web development, Android application development and web development.

He pointed out that the mechanism of action of humanitarian and relief aid, health care, disease control, dissemination of education and knowledge, future innovation and leadership, and Mohammed bin Rashid’s global efforts was not entirely scientific or technological in nature. Strengthening communities. This initiative was a pillar in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s plan to restart Arab civilization, and during the corona epidemics became a leading platform for finding future solutions in the fields of health, trade and social solidarity. Scanned the world.

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Let us not forget that the “One Million Arab Kodars” initiative launched in 2017 has helped empower millions of Arab youth in the region by providing them with jobs in the field of modern technology, rehabilitating them and honing their skills. Enrich their knowledge, enhance their skills and develop their expertise in advanced science.

Al-Bayan concluded his editorial that October 24, 2017, will be an immortal day in the memory of millions of students and educators in the Arab world, a key day in creating and arming Arab youth. With the technological tools of the future, enabling them to be the language of the modern age and the programming of the economy. The digital future.

Al-Wadan newspaper, under the same headline and entitled “Emirates Initiatives to Shape the Future of the World”, affirmed the United Arab Emirates an exceptional potential, through the vision of its brilliant leadership and its unique innovative and perspective thinking. How to Encourage Young People Everywhere Through Its Global Initiatives, which seeks to provide creative opportunities for all young people around the world, is eager to establish constructive and purposeful partnerships with the United Arab Emirates fraternity and allies to achieve these vital goals. Focus on areas of importance and future for all, and deliver achievements and achievements that transcend goals in record time. Creates an advanced, modern and inspiring civilization model that will be a useful force for the development of their countries and thus contribute to the global renaissance of civilization. Through the ability to handle bright ideas and elements of the present, especially artificial intelligence, technology and more.

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He pointed out that the promising and encouraging results of the Emirati National Initiatives confirm the inevitability of success through registered numbers, including the Friendly Republic of Uzbekistan. Important and hopeful cooperation to achieve the many aspirations of the two friendly countries.

He added that the United Arab Emirates ensures population growth based on their success in creating people and their empowerment and the strength of investment in human capital. Knowledge of the future and various fields, especially the future is of concern to all, and the preparation for it is the collective responsibility of all nations, and its foundation begins with the talented person who knows his role and all the elements of the era.

At the end of its editorial, Al-Wadan emphasized that the efforts of the Blessed Emirates knew no bounds and were particularly accelerated by securing all avenues for success and leadership by focusing more on the elements of their diversity and development. With its developments, challenges and rights, programming ensures that it is one of the most important needs of the people as it represents a modern and essential language. And provides leverage for all sectors that collectively create factors for the human renaissance. People can improve their present and succeed in moving forward with confidence into the future they are preparing for.

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