June 8, 2023

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Will London succeed in its work on Northern Ireland?

Will London succeed in its work on Northern Ireland?

Amid a debate over whether the bill violates international law, the British Parliament will receive a bill on Monday to unilaterally change the trade status of Northern Ireland following Britain’s exit from the European Union. Brandon Lewis, Britain’s Northern Ireland Minister, confirmed that the Northern Ireland Code of Conduct was “legal” and “correct”, but accused the Labor government of “violating the law”. There may be some opposition in the Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson because it is believed that its lawmakers were not happy with the bill. The bill would give ministers the power to ignore elements of the protocol, as part of an agreement between Britain and the European Union to safeguard free movement across Irish territory as part of the Brexit agreement. Under the agreement, Britain withdrew from the European Union, but fears that tightening procedures on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, still part of the United Kingdom, would only exacerbate sectarian tensions in the last two. Decades. It is noteworthy that Northern Ireland is divided between two camps, one of which wants closer ties with the Republic of Ireland and the other wants to be part of the United Kingdom. But keeping the borders open prevents British products from entering the EU, which is why the camp has insisted on stricter controls between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

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