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Abu Dhabi, June 7 / WAM / Local newspapers published this morning in their editorials confirming that the United Arab Emirates is following the best practices of policy making and strategic planning in the field of food security in dealing with the issue. It strives to achieve global leadership in this field. It points to the need for regional and international challenges facing the people through the formulation of policies and the formulation of rapid solutions and strategic plans in the field of food security. Challenges affecting food security.

Newspapers highlighted the “generation schools” that are a new model for public schools that support development and offer students greater opportunities to adapt to their orientations and to meet the needs of the labor market.

Under the headline “Food Security is a Global Challenge”, Al Bayan wrote that the United Arab Emirates has not forgotten to follow best practices in dealing with food security, policy making and strategic planning. In the field of food security, it is a policy pursued outside the country and in times of crisis, as a precautionary measure before crises occur or escalate, i.e. government policy in all sectors is based on adopting a proactive approach. The country has shown its best potential by tackling the two challenges of epidemiology and nutrition during corona epidemics.

Most importantly in this regard, the UAE is not only looking for immediate solutions, but is actively and innovatively working to achieve global leadership in food security and ensure that all residents have access to safe, nutritious and adequate food at all times. , And uses its position and credibility in managing its relations with different countries of the world in order to exchange experiences and knowledge in support of the development of integrated strategies to tackle current and future food security challenges.

He pointed out that the challenges facing human beings are intensifying amid wars, epidemics and food security on the throne of global challenges, especially in light of the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine, both of which are important sources. Food and fertilizers worldwide.

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In light of this challenge, he said, countries are interested in developing policies in the field of food security and should not starve the most vulnerable people in terms of food resources, in terms of developing quick solutions to the problem. At the same time, many countries are keen to develop strategic plans to prevent themselves from any challenges.Future Impact on Food Security.

He pointed out that these contemporaries find it difficult to stay away from regional and international cooperation because they require creative alignment between national innovation and interaction with others – including food challenges – national strategies to meet various challenges. For the benefits of mutual benefit.

In conclusion, al-Bayan said that under the shadow of legal and regulatory strategies to address this challenge, experts in policy making, analysis and strategic development are needed to access the best global practices in the field of food safety administration.

On the other hand, under the headline “Competitive Education” .. “Al-Ittihad” newspaper “Ajyal Schools” wrote a new model for public schools, which is the result of the continuous development of the educational process and responding to needs. Development at Emirates is an educational model based on the deep partnership between company, school and guardian, and offers a wide range of options for students and their families. A way of supporting the educational process and its consequences.

The new schools, which will open next academic year, reflect the belief in science in science, its integration as a tool for transcending the future, and the metaphor of human-centered government policy and its implications. The perspective of marrying natural, economic and human resources and developing their development in parallel, elevates the country to a global level by supporting each other and guaranteeing the content of the development process. Competitiveness levels, and puts it in the order of developed countries.

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At the end of its editorial, al-Ittihad confirmed that the United Arab Emirates creates human beings; Because it is the center and basis of its development; Therefore, it has been interested in providing the best quality of education globally for decades and has been striving to adopt modern programs that bring about the necessary development at the school, teacher and student levels. The Government also works to implement international experiences. Opening the door to additional educational opportunities. Thus, “generational schools” represented a new phase and were a pioneering step in involving the community in nurturing the educational process and enhancing social values ​​and national identity.

Al-Wadan newspaper, under the same headline and entitled “Generational Schools as a Pioneer”, places great emphasis on education in the United Arab Emirates, and the intelligent leadership is interested in the sustainability of the development and modernization of the entire educational process. Ambitious vision for the future, taking into account the best recognized standards within advanced strategies for improving the ability to develop curriculum, science and knowledge, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of emphasizing the high values ​​of the community, emphasizing the importance of deepening and strengthening the morals of the national identity.

Therefore, everything related to education comes at the heart of projects and goal initiatives, as State President Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan has always emphasized, “May God protect him”, “Education is a priority,” and his highness said on one occasion: “The quality and standard of education Achieving comes from our priorities, our development goals and our vision for the future. ” Ensures long-term and purposeful vision at the state level, and “Al-Azyal Schools” supports the development of a new model for public schools and offers students more opportunities to adapt to their orientations and meet the needs of the labor market in a process. It qualifies a leading generation for the future, in which the community and the private sector will participate, especially as the updated model integrates nationally recognized national curricula into Arabic, Islamic education, discipline and social studies and science subjects. As mathematics and science.

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“Generation Schools”, which includes all of their operating costs and tuition fees, covers 10 different schools from the next academic year and targets 28 schools in 3 years. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, said: , The first education transformation projects “Generation Schools” launched today, are a model for the various models that are being launched, in which some of the private educational institutions with proven capabilities are running. In government schools, we are targeting 14,000 students in this model.

In conclusion, “Al-Wadan” states that any development will depend on the science of man and the scientific abilities with which he is armed. For example, it represents a great success in the whole educational process and in building the national staff and skills so that at the highest level, everyone can live with the responsibilities and great confidence they have in the progress of the state. In the second fifty years, the ceiling of challenge has been raised in all fields, ensuring complete confidence in its children and their bright minds in their creativity, work and ability to make a difference by enhancing their skills.

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