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Emirates News Agency – Expo 2020 forms a working group to present investment opportunities in the country during the “Investopia” summit to be held in Dubai next March.


Abu Dhabi, November 1 / WAM / Economy Minister Abdullah bin Dook Al Marri confirmed that the Investopia Summit is a global platform that will work to accelerate the growth of economic sectors and improve the position of the United Arab Emirates as a target for future investment. Creating innovative ideas in new economic fields and an umbrella for visionary leaders, leaders and investors. The world’s greatest ambition is to start ideas, create opportunities and invest in the future.

The Honorable Dr. who presided over the Ninth Meeting of the Economic Coordinating Committee. It took place in the presence of Ahmed bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises and his members. His Excellency Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Sayyudi, Minister of Foreign Trade, in addition to the representatives of their distinguished development departments, discussed the developments of 33 initiatives for local economy, recovery and development in all the emirates of the country, and during the Expo 2020 Dubai launch of the “Investopath” project.

During the meeting, the Committee reviewed the Smart Platform for Business and Population at Abu Dhabi TAMM and discussed coordinating efforts at the federal and local levels to improve the country’s position on global competitiveness indicators.

The Hon’ble Economic Minister explained that Investopia supports the country’s ambitious position on national ambitions, investment-attracting projects and the global investment map, and adopts the ambitious goal of accelerating the pace of attracting investments to the country over the next ten years. List of leading national sectors and future new sectors New investments will be directed towards it in line with the new global trends for investment and investors, which will contribute to controlling climate change and adhering to social responsibility and management standards. Fifty years of economics is a key strategy within the goals.

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At the meeting, His Excellency Abdullah bin Dukh Al Marri stressed the interest of the Economic Coordinating Committee in developing mechanisms for economic work in the country at the federal and local levels to achieve national goals under the vision and guidance of intelligent leadership. , Noted that the Group is an excellent platform for improving opportunities in the business environment in the country and expediting specialized procedures and decisions, implementing economic initiatives, meeting challenges, advances and issues related to the market and business sector. Discussing future plans and proposals to support the country’s products for the next fifty years.

He said, “We will continue our joint efforts with the Economic Coordination Committee to discuss priority economic files and enhance the outcomes of projects and initiatives implemented by the various development agencies in the country. Evaluation and discussion of the initiatives of the General Economic Plan initiatives for recovery and recovery, as well as discussions on plans to launch the “Investopia” summit.

விவரம்; The group reviewed plans to launch the “Investobia” summit during Expo 2020 Dubai, with many senior investors, government officials and business people on the agenda focusing on supporting investment in future sectors. The first session of the summit, to be held in March 2022 next year, will bring together regional and global investment and entrepreneurial leaders to launch ideas and create opportunities and investment in the future.

The Committee also adopted a plan to strengthen the coordination framework at the federal and local levels to support the country’s position with global competitiveness indicators related to the business sector and to intensify the work of the Joint Committee between the Ministry and the Economic Development Departments in this regard. These indicators can reach high levels in the country classification.

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The Committee reviewed the results of the Project of 33 Initiatives for Recovery and Economic Improvement in supporting the economic sectors, operations and businesses, and the initiatives included in the plan and their impact on recovery and post-Govt. 19 Encouraging change towards a developed and flexible economic model in line with the principles of sustainability, efficiency and global competitiveness. Accelerate the implementation of the remaining efforts in the project.

The team reviewed the Smart Platform for Business and Population at Abu Dhabi Emirate TAMM and the pioneering national achievements of this initiative in 2020, as it was able to complete 55 government services in 6 minutes. 75 services are provided by the Department of Economic Development, through its initiative to improve the quality of government services and improve the customer experience with government services.

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Wam / Abdel Nasser Monem

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