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Our goal is to operate 17 aircraft, not to raise prices


Marwan Bhutto, chairman of Jazeera Airways’ board of directors, described the low-cost carrier market as “starting to recover more” in an interview with Al Arabia.

Bhutai added that the demand has become huge with the gradual opening up of the travel market.We do not want to increase prices, but our profit is higher with more seats and expansion“.

He pointed out the company’s desire to operate its entire fleet at 14 hours a day, which currently stands at 17, compared to the current 10 hours. The third quarter of next year.

He explained that “Jazeera Airways” has expanded to new locations, including Heathrow Airport in London, and therefore the price curve has increased due to the presence of new stations.

He said some of the current seats on Jazeera Airways are offered at pre-ticket prices for the Corona virus.

Regarding oil prices, Bhutan said the defense against oil prices is a double-edged sword, the travel market is characterized by travelers planning to travel for two weeks, and can reflect oil prices on tickets and how far they can go. Possible from hedging.

Bhutai revealed that Jazeera Airways has started the current year with a cash flow of less than 20 million dinars, 127 million dinars in 2019, compared to 18 million dinars in assets and cash now, 40 million dinars and 200 million dinars in assets.

Jazeera Airways made a profit in the third quarter of this year, up about 12 million dinars from 5.6 million dinars in the same period last year.

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This is due to the easing of travel restrictions and the increasing number of restaurants across the network of Kuwait State and its locations. The number of passengers in the third quarter increased by 361.8% to about 300,000 passengers.

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