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Emirates News Agency – Fifth Development Goal Global Council reviews priorities for next phase of work and discusses best ways to improve gender balance


Mona Al-Marri: – The Global Council for Sustainable Development Goals is a qualitative initiative to create greater value and sustainable change through effective partnerships between the public and private sectors and international organizations.

– We hope to improve the course of achievements of the first session through meaningful discussions by Council members with diverse experiences and youth participation.

The Council’s ideas and recommendations represent support for leaders and decision-makers in promoting and sustaining gender balance around the world.

DUBAI, 2nd August /WAM/ The Global Council for the Fifth Goal of the Sustainable Development Goals held its first meeting for the second session, Dubai Government Media Office chaired by Mana Khanem Al Marri, Vice President and Director General of the Emirates Council for Gender Equality, who reviewed the visions and objectives of the next phase, Gender Equality. and as part of the Council’s efforts to develop programs and initiatives to advance the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals on the empowerment of all women. He also discussed priority areas of work in the framework of his new formation for the 2021-2023 session, around the world, and the meeting began through video conference technology.

The Global Council for the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals includes among its members various experiences in gender balance of personalities from different countries, including Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, His Excellency Abdullah Al Saleh, Vice President Martin Chung. , Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union “Switzerland” and Penelope Naas, Head of International Public Affairs and Sustainability at UBS “USA”, Rola Abu Maneh, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, UAE representing the private sector, Elena Siegel , Co-Founder of AT Kearney, Gender Maida Shuaib, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Ducab, representing youth, is an expert on balance, government change and public policy.

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Her Excellency Mona Al-Marri welcomed the Council members and expressed her pleasure to host this dialogue, which aims to exchange views and ideas and work together to promote gender balance around the world. Oversee innovative projects with the participation of governments, international organizations, academic institutions, social enterprises, private sector organizations and youth, and discuss creative ideas aimed at implementing the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals at the national and global levels. The SDG5 Global Council will provide innovative ideas to address the most pressing sustainability and gender challenges of our time.

Al Marri emphasized that the Global Councils Initiative for Sustainable Development Goals creates high value, enthusiasm and sustainable change, and that the commitment to building effective partnerships across sectors to achieve gender equality is one of the most valuable elements of this work. standard way.

The President of the Global Council on Sustainable Development Goal Five noted the Council’s many achievements at the first session, which has worked across sectors and countries to develop a toolkit to integrate gender balance at the global level. A ready-to-start resource that includes policy and legal best practices. And programs around the world have been used and proven to promote gender equality in the economy, access to justice, human rights, parliaments and during crises. The work was the result of a joint effort by the Global Council for Sustainable Development, the Emirates Council for Gender Equality and the Organization for Cooperative Economy and Development on Goal Five.

Her Excellency Mona Al Marri praised the support of the Emirates Council for Gender Equality, chaired by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, wife of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Presidential Court. , to the Global Council on Sustainable Development Goal Five, which reflects the UAE government’s interest in accelerating the UAE’s Sustainable Development Goals. Creating and adopting them has led to various global efforts to achieve them.

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She also expressed her desire to work with members of the Global Council on the fifth goal during the second session to advance gender equality, stressing that it is a broad goal and that there is an urgent need for gender equality in governments, private sectors. communities to achieve the other 16 goals in a sustainable manner.

He added, “This meeting represents an opportunity for an open discussion and fruitful dialogue on the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on our efforts to move forward to consolidate what was achieved during the first session. ,” The goal of this council is to create a practical product. Effective and easy to implement that promotes gender equality around the world. Plans and recommendations generated through these fruitful discussions will support leaders and decision makers in developing, sustaining, and maintaining. Gender equality around the world by designing gender-responsive policies, programs and frameworks.

During the meeting, the Emirates Council for Gender Equality gave a presentation on the initiative “Private Sector Commitment to improve gender balance and raise the percentage of women’s representation in leadership positions in the UAE private sector”. By signing a voluntary commitment to increase the percentage of women’s representation in middle and top management to 30 percent by 2025, the fifth goal of the global Sustainable Development Goals was initiated by 23 national and international organizations in various sectors in the United Arab Emirates.

This commitment is one of the pioneering efforts of the private sector globally, with its excellent response and engagement of the private sector, and reflects the coordinated efforts between the public and private sectors to support efforts to accelerate the fifth goal. Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development in the UAE, with the welcome and support of the UAE National Committee on Sustainable Development Goals and the Emirates Council for Gender Equality.

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There are 4 pillars to which companies that have signed this pledge: ensuring equal pay between the sexes, promoting employment and promotion based on gender equality, mainstreaming a gender balance perspective, including in senior leadership positions, supporting companies’ employees in policies and programs that govern work, and finally transparency.

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