March 29, 2023

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For the third time since the start of summer in France, it has been extremely hot

For the third time since the start of summer in France, it has been extremely hot

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France is experiencing a severe heatwave, its third since the start of the summer, and has put the capital Paris and its nearby suburbs on “alert” for drought. The frequency of heat waves confirms the effects of global warming, which has begun to bother the French. France complains of an exceptional drought that has negatively affected the sectors of agriculture, river navigation and water recreation activities. Officials imposed restrictions on the use of water for non-essential purposes and declared lands in 57 administrative divisions under “critical condition”. On Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures across the country are expected to be between 34 and 38 degrees Celsius.

has become France That chokes her in the south Heat wave For the third time this summer, Paris and its narrow environs, known as the Ile-de-France region, have been hit by a complete drought after Cannes put Paris on drought “alert” at the end of the month. An unprecedented drought In the country between all the months of July.

France will see “maximum temperatures of 34 to 38 degrees Celsius” on Wednesday and Thursday, the weather-France meteorological service said.

According to meteorologists, this heat wave is shorter and less intense than the heat wave that hit the country in mid-July, but the frequency of heat waves makes the effects of climate warming a concrete reality for the French.

Heat returns quickly to hit much of a country already under the weight of an exceptional drought, particularly with direct effects on agriculture, river navigation and water recreational activities.

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Last month, the total amount of precipitation in the French European territory did not exceed 9.7 millimeters, which is about 84% less than normal.

“This heavy rainfall recorded after a very dry spring, accompanied by severe heat waves, aggravates the drying of the soil,” the French Meteorological Service warned.

All French territories are now on “drought alert” with varying degrees of water use restrictions. And 57 administrative departments have placed lands in it under “critical condition”, meaning it stops water abstraction for non-priority purposes.

Summers in southern France are generally dry, but the severity of droughts is expected to increase as the climate warms.

In July, Western Europe experienced an unprecedented drought and two heat waves a month apart, during which large forest fires broke out in France, Spain and Greece.

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