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Emirates News Agency – Fujairah hospital uses “excimer laser” to treat vitiligo and skin diseases


  • Fujairah Hospital uses laser equipment "Excimer" To treat vitiligo and skin diseases

Fujairah, October 9 / WAM / Fujairah Hospital in association with Emirates Health Services Corporation has announced the addition of a new medical service to the Dermatology Department of the hospital by providing one of the latest technologies “XTRAC VELOCITY 7” excimer laser device. An innovative initiative to improve medical services and meet the needs of patients for the treatment of vitiligo and other skin diseases.

This device works with a type of laser that transmits a wavelength of “308 nanometers” from a narrow range of UV rays to stimulate and activate skin cells and create the necessary external changes without the rays penetrating the rest of the body. .

Ahmad Al Khadim, Director General of Fujairah Hospital, emphasized the importance of adding this advanced service to the list of services offered at the department, noting that it reflects the hospital’s commitment to providing patients with the latest and best medical solutions. Investing in advanced medical technology contributes to improving the level of health care and improving society.

On this occasion, the head of Dermatology and Venereology Department of Fujairah Hospital, Dr. Jawahar Al-Naqbi explained that this device is distinguished by its excellent ability to provide rapid results, as it uses high-concentration ultraviolet light (UVB). The treatment consists of two to three sessions per week, with a difference of at least 48 hours between each session. The device indicates that it is effective in reducing the severity of symptoms and the duration of the disease.

He noted that the duration of the treatment and its results vary from one person to another and from the affected area to another, and compared to laser devices, “excimer” gives good results in a short period of time and in fewer sessions. and other light treatments, the treatment results last longer compared to other treatments.

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Excimer laser equipment is a safe device during pregnancy and lactation and is distinguished by its ability to provide fast, safe and reliable treatment, since the absorption of its rays is limited to the outer layers of the skin. Easy to use for babies and newborns.

“Excimer” treatment requires diagnosis of the disease after medical history and clinical examination by a dermatologist and development of an appropriate treatment plan according to the type and severity of the disease. Good and satisfactory results.

Vitiligo is considered to be one of the most common diseases treated with this advanced technology. It is an unknown autoimmune disease caused by the loss of melanin pigment in various parts of the patient’s body. The excimer laser device stimulates the pigment cells. The device is used to restore natural skin color in diseased areas and to treat psoriasis, alopecia and other skin diseases.

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