May 26, 2022

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Emirates News Agency – Global Energy Storage Forum concludes in Dubai

Dubai, March 31 / WAM / World Energy Saving Forum 2022 concludes in Dubai, focusing on regional needs for reliable energy saving solutions.

Participants in the forum stressed the importance of efforts and efforts to develop efforts to improve renewable energy production. Referred to in parts. ” Major efforts are currently focused on developing solutions to save solar energy. Sources of solar energy in these countries.

The forum, organized by the GCC Electricity Board in a strategic partnership with the Electric Energy Research Institute, represented a strategic platform for discussing many of the issues and challenges currently facing the energy sector, such as planning, distribution and energy storage. Problems.

Experts who participated in the forum noted that currently, battery storage supplements such as lithium-ion batteries are the most practical solution in the MENA region’s efforts for energy saving technologies.

This is due to the low cost of lithium and its long storage capacity and long-term performance. Accordingly, participants in the forum presented five key points for discussion and treatment, including the potential of energy savings in energy conversion, the current state of the global market in energy savings, and the existence of opportunities and challenges. Creating a strategic roadmap for the exchange and transfer of knowledge and experience gained in key areas of the Middle East and North Africa and the development and further development of the energy storage sector.

Ahmed Al-Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of the Gulf Electricity Authority, said: “We have organized this forum in collaboration with the International Energy Research Institute, and its work focuses on regional and global energy conservation. The need for energy storage is an issue we need to take seriously. The conference emphasized the importance of benefiting from global experiences in tackling the energy saving challenges in our region.

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The first day included a keynote address in which Dr. Arshad Mansour, CEO of the Electric Energy Research Institute, spoke on how to achieve sustainable energy. His speech was followed by a panel discussion on sustainability in the energy sector, in which key economic aspects of energy conservation were discussed, as well as a detailed presentation on energy conservation, companies currently leading the market, applications, technologies and distribution. .

The second day of the forum opened with a presentation by Elliott Minzer, CEO of California Independent System Operator, during which he focused on California’s sustainability and its current performance, plans, distribution and energy savings, and key stakeholders. The second session featured panel discussions on the Global Energy Saving Market, where speakers shared their experiences and explained practices related to planning and implementing saving efforts.

The forum highlighted specific events and explained global experiences related to energy conservation and distribution, security and economic analysis. The forum also hosted a panel discussion on hydrogen production, storage and utilization.

Wam / Salma Al Shamsi / Emad Al Ali