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Time Amar Series, Episode 1. “Mustafa Shaban, A Social Worker.”


The Always Amar Episode 1 series has captured the hearts and minds of millions, and the Always Amar Episode 1 series has become hugely popular around the world, and the Always Amar Episode 1 series is expected to become one of the most important sequels. The series has followers in many parts of the Arab world and the Middle East and the Arab world, making it the first suspense and breathtaking play.

Always Amar Episode 1

Fans of the Arab series have been eagerly awaiting the release of the series Always Amar Episode 1. One of the most popular works of art after the teaser presentation. Social stories, and despite the large number of series on the scene, but that series always has a special follow-up to Episode 1 of Amar.

Series Always Amar Episode 1

In the Time Amar series, the artist in episode 1, Mostafa Shaban, plays the role of “Mr. Amar”, the school’s social worker. Shaban collaborates with director Magdie El Hawari on the Tima Amar series, after they win together. In the TV drama during the “Fourth Wife” series in 2012, and “The Mood of Goodness.” “In the year 2013.

Series Always Amar Episode 1

The story of the Always Amar series, Episode 1, “Al-Yum al-Jadeed” revolves around the school, which is plagued by problems in its Arabian section, as the new owner refuses to equate with the international section, and social issues for the students of a new officer come entirely by chance and error, and this officer another “Amer Abdel Razak” will be replaced by “Amer Abdel Razak”.

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Series Always Amar Episode 1

From here, the events of the Daima Amer series continue, and the school is not qualified to solve the problems of the students, the problems of the teachers and the problems of the parents above them and the Daima Amer series starring artist Mustafa. Shaban, Star Leblaba, Young Artist Mirna Noor El Tin, Artist Amr Abdel Khalil, Artist Nidal El-Shafi, Artist Salah Abdullah, Artist Mohammad Darwat, Artist Kareem Abifi, Artist Cynthia Khalifa, Mohammad Mahmoud, Ahmed El-Sham, Written by Amal Risk, Lama Kitkot Ahmed Anan and many other young artists, Ayman Selim and Michael Adele and produced under the supervision of writer Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, produced by Albatros Kamel Abu Ali, directed by Mohsen Al-Baghdadi, and directed by Magdi El-Hawdi.

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