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Emirates News Agency – Innovation Institute makes Falcon 40B open source for research and commercial use


ABU DHABI, 25th May, 2020 (WAM) — The Institute of Technology Innovation – a world-leading scientific research center and the applied research arm of the Abu Dhabi Advanced Technology Research Council – today announced the availability of the first open source version. The artificial intelligence model in the country, “Falcon 40b”, consolidates the company’s impact internationally in the field of artificial intelligence, for purposes of supporting research and commercial applications. This pioneering step confirms the commitment of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Falcon language model includes 40 billion variables and has been trained on over a trillion tokens, providing unprecedented access to researchers, innovators, and small and medium-sized enterprises. The Technology Innovation Institute will provide an open-source version of the Artificial Intelligence Model to provide access to integrated capabilities in the field of large language models, establish foundations of transparency, and support innovation, development and research in the field.

In addition to launching the open-source “Falcon 40b” model, the company invited scientists, researchers and idea owners who support the field of artificial intelligence and owners of small and medium enterprises to contribute to the employment. Develop the capabilities of this modern model, as well as encourage them to contribute innovative ideas. And use the model to explore inspiring applications or explore the possibilities of using it in various fields such as engineering, health, sustainability, programming, etc. Others.

Selected projects will receive investment support to encourage exceptional research offerings, enable innovators to benefit from advanced computing resources, accelerate data analysis, develop advanced models, and generate new discoveries. This support will certainly contribute to the development and provision of resources necessary to transform them into effective solutions with commercial viability and social benefit.

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For its part, Venture One, a business unit of the Advanced Technology Research Council, will provide support to leverage computing power to find innovative and effective solutions.

“The move to make the Falcon 40b an open source model represents an important milestone that demonstrates our commitment to advancing innovation in the field of artificial intelligence,” said Faisal Al-Bannai, Secretary General of the Advanced Technology Research Council.

Also, “We’ve made great strides in providing access to large language models and allowing researchers and entrepreneurs to explore innovative applications. We seek to support projects with computational capabilities and provide funding packages from Venture One. The research organization in general.”

The Falcon model, which was unveiled for the first time in March 2023, showed an excellent performance confirming the UAE’s commitment to raising the level of technological and research development. According to Stanford University’s HELM LLM, Falcon 40b outperformed other known language models by using far fewer training computational resources, as the model used only 75% of the computational training resources used in OpenAI’s GPT3, compared to 40% of DeepMind’s “Chinchilla AI” model. , and 80% of Google’s “PaLM-62B” model computation, demonstrating ITI’s commitment to driving advancements in generative AI.

On his part, the CEO of the Institute for Technology Innovation, Dr. Ray Johnson, “Computing power plays an important role in accelerating the process of training artificial intelligence systems, and contributes to enabling investment and employment in artificial intelligence applications. Today, artificial intelligence represents a new engine that is helping to expand the boundaries of technological innovation, and this move is to improve the skills of innovators and to strengthen It will also contribute to expanding their programs to achieve progress.

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The “Falcon 40B” model represents a pioneering innovation and a huge achievement that the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Science Research Center of the Institute of Technology Innovation was able to achieve, the same team that launched the “Nur” model last year, which is huge. A natural processing model for the Arabic language in the world, and is on track to introduce the Falcon 180B model soon.

Director of Artificial Intelligence Division of Technology Innovation Institute Dr. Ibtisam Al Mazrouei affirmed that the UAE continues to consolidate its global leadership in the field of advanced technology and innovation, especially in the field of new standards represented by large language models. can be turned into successful pillars in many research and commercial applications.

He said, “The release of the open version of ‘Falcon 40B’ and its software foundations will provide users with content through the most advanced language models, the quality of which exceeds many similar products currently in use. UAE to support innovation and progress in intelligence.” Global Artificial Intelligence leads many of its regional and international indicators thanks to its forward-looking leadership vision and vision of supporting and empowering future sectors.

Notably, the UAE recently moved up five places to rank first in the Arab world and 37th in the world in Readiness for Leading Technologies 2023. The open source artificial intelligence model adds to the achievements of pioneers and contributes to consolidating the UAE’s leading role in the field of artificial intelligence.

To access Falcon models or participate in the call for applications, visit The Falcon model is available as an open source license based on Apache 2.0 open source software, allowing a wide range of free use.

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