May 18, 2022

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New facilities for living in Abu Dhabi … Launch of the “Effortless Agreement” project

Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Member of the Abu Dhabi Board of Directors and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office, launched the “Abu Dhabi Ease of Customer Experience Program” today.

The project aims to enhance the experience of those handling government departments in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in line with international standards.

Based on Abu Dhabi’s humanitarian approach, the program allows everyone living and working in the emirate, as well as its visitors, to carry out various administrative procedures and government transactions, such as completing and establishing procedures for the purchase of real estate. Exploring a company, or even the Emirate, quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Speaking on the occasion, Saeed Al Mulla, Managing Director, Customer Experience, Abu Dhabi Office, said: “This is the first time the project has been launched in the Middle East. We reaffirm our commitment to the importance and necessity of enhancing the customer experience through services provided by government agencies and strengthen our position in this sector that sees rapid growth and change, ”Emirates News Agency reported.

Al-Mulla added: “The Abu Dhabi government has proven that community members are at the forefront of its priorities and interests. Do it easily and effortlessly.

This model is designed to meet the best international standards, based on the international model of customer experience in the public sector, provided by the International Association for Customer Experience in the Public Sector, a Canadian-based non-profit organization.

The project is conceived based on benchmarking comparisons and more than 80 studies with more than 20 leading governments around the world.

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The project was launched following the implementation of a successful pilot application in 3 Government agencies namely Municipalities and Transport Department, Economic Development Department and Community Development Department.

These pilot programs have simplified the customer experience by up to 50% by reducing the time required to complete the transactions and procedures required to obtain the Services.

A comprehensive and comprehensive review of the maturity level of customer service was conducted at the level of all government services in Abu Dhabi, with a view to improving the current customer service experience in the future.

The project uses a comprehensive leadership approach to enhance the customer experience by focusing on 4 key axes: strategic direction, design, development and service delivery.

The project relies on 5 strategic drivers, which guide in formulating customer experience policy and determining the strategic direction for improving the performance of customer experiences across all channels; Setting priorities by prioritizing customer travels and focusing efforts and resources around them, establishing a design lab to enhance customer experiences in conjunction with the best global skills and enhancing human skills by enhancing the skills of customer experience staff. To provide world-class experiences to customers; Finally, the performance measurement machine by creating an advanced model for measuring the performance of the customer experience, the most important of which is the customer effort indicator.

In order to ensure excellence in providing a hassle-free customer experience, a comprehensive training program will be implemented in various government departments and agencies to enhance the customer experience and enable government agencies to collaborate with all stakeholders. Provides smooth and hassle-free customer service across all available channels.

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