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Emirates News Agency – Local Newspapers: The UAE is an inspiring global model in the fight against climate change.


Abu Dhabi, June 19 / WAM / This morning’s Emirates newspaper editorials highlight the pioneering efforts of the United Arab Emirates in combating climate change and improving the sustainability of the planet. Nahyan, the head of state, during his encouraging speech in the forum God Bless him, announced that the major economies on energy and climate change will boost the country’s efforts to work with more than $ 50 billion in new investments over the next decade, both domestically and globally. From the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1995 to the Climate by Clean Energy, which is a continuation of the long and glorious history of the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Bayan newspaper said in its editorial that it was “an inspiring global model.”

With its pioneering efforts in combating climate change, the United Arab Emirates has become an inspiring role model for various nations around the world in safeguarding the future of humanity. And improving the sustainability of the planet, today it continues its active and globally influential role in the issue of climate change. Supporting climate action efforts and strengthening international cooperation to seize all economic and social opportunities.

During a keynote address at the Economic Forum on Energy and Climate Change on new investments worth more than $ 50 billion, the head of state, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, declared that God protect him. Over the next decade, the UAE’s long and illustrious history will continue to enhance the country’s efforts both domestically and globally to work towards climate change through clean energy, having entered the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 1995.

The newspaper points out that the dissemination and utilization of clean energy solutions is one of the key pillars of the UAE model in reducing climate and greenhouse gas emissions, as the country is targeting a blend of renewable and nuclear energy by 2050. And ensuring a balance between clean energy resources, economic needs and targets. , Of which 44% is renewable energy and 6% is nuclear energy, with savings equivalent to 700 billion dirhams by 2050, and the UAE is keen to implement initiatives aimed at reducing emissions in line with best practices and 70% carbon emissions from power generation over the next three decades. , By adopting innovative technology and developing sustainable solutions that support green change.

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Al Bayan newspaper declares in its editorial that the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 sets a precedent for action and cooperation to ensure a better future for mankind.

In turn, the Al Khaleej newspaper stated in its editorial that the “Emirati approach to climate” is at the level of event and anticipation in key international forums, and that joint action facilitates challenges and enables everyone to achieve success. Mankind does not hesitate to put forward constructive proposals and bright ideas, especially at this juncture where the global economy faces serious efforts to revive and overcome obstacles to achieving sustainable growth. Integrated international action to mitigate its effects and ensure a better future for future generations.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, the head of state at the “Forum of Major Economies on Energy and Climate Change” with US President Joe Biden and leaders of 17 major economies, prayed to God to protect him, the newspaper added. , Is an opportunity to affirm that the United Arab Emirates is a responsible country and that it has an influential global position in the international community, and is a force to be reckoned with and a consultation that seeks to develop practical plans with all active countries. And ambitious projects that contribute to resolving unresolved crises.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan confirmed that climate change has become the most important issue and the biggest challenge at the Emirates. , The United Arab Emirates’ vision of climate change and its approach, “sees the problem as an opportunity to advance the paths of economic and social development towards new frontiers through a realistic, pragmatic, comprehensive and integrated approach. All countries and parties discuss their needs and requirements.” Next year, it will be able to meet the challenges of the current situation.

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In practice, the newspaper points out that the United Arab Emirates plays a key role in tackling climate change and has invested more than $ 50 billion in clean energy projects in more than 40 countries around the world, with more than $ 50 billion planned. In the next decade. , To effectively contribute to achieving global goals of reducing carbon emissions and to serve the international agenda within a responsible mission with all partners around the world.

His Highness, the President of the United Arab Emirates, presented before the “Major Economic Forum” that he represents an aspect of a comprehensive Emirati vision based on mutually complementary goals and is working to achieve and maintain peace and stability. The values ​​of coexistence and success for higher humanitarian policies, the climate issue is not isolated from other pressing issues, and when there is a comprehensive strategy, the results in achieving economic development and social stability will be much broader. Overcoming future challenges can be at the level of future generations ’expectations.

At the end of its editorial, Al Khaleej newspaper, the United Arab Emirates bets and consolidates every opportunity, the effective global response to all challenges is primarily based on concerted and coordinated efforts within a joint and responsible collaboration. Provide practical solutions to the problems facing the world in climate and economy, security, energy and food, avoiding the ill effects of humanity.

In another headline, Al-Etihad newspaper emphasized in an editorial that “there is no discrimination and hatred” and that the United Arab Emirates is not only committed to combating discrimination and hatred, but also its values, attitudes, policies and social behavior. Enriching the culture of world tolerance, confronting expressions of racial, religious or cultural discrimination and abandoning hate speech, in its capital, Abu Dhabi, in 2015 enacted anti-discrimination and anti-hate legislation to legislate for the event. 2019 marked the starting point for a document of human brotherhood emphasizing peace among the people of the world.

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He pointed out that this is a form of Emirati constants that stands firm against terrorism and calls for the acceptance of coexistence and one another and the spread of a culture of dialogue, tolerance and peace. June 18 is International Day for the Fighting of Hate Speech, especially in the light of the digital revolution and the use of weak-minded people to spread hate speech, after the world realized its role in provoking and fueling the intensity and conflict of this discourse. In various global communities.

Al-Ittihad newspaper concluded its editorial that more than 200 national races in the country live within a value and legal system based on tolerance, justice and respect for religions and cultures. Among its Fifty Principles, its support for all initiatives, pledges and international organizations calling for peace, transparency and human brotherhood.


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