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He was angry at the driver for obstructing traffic and the court ordered him to pay compensation


Ihab Al-Rifai (Al Tafra Area)
An Arab man’s daughter sustained a cut on his arm and continued to bleed. As he drove his vehicle into the oncoming traffic, the driver told him, “Go ahead of me,” and when he moved his hand, that expression and movement provoked him, so he reacted to him.
The other driver, the “plaintiff”, the Arab person, filed a lawsuit against the “defendant” for directing insulting words at him and spitting at him on the public road. He filed a criminal complaint and a public lawsuit was filed. Order the defendant to pay a fine of 3,000 dirhams and force him to pay judicial fees. He asserted that the defendant’s action caused material damage to the plaintiff.
The Abu Dhabi Family Court and the Civil and Administrative Claims decided that the plaintiff should be awarded 2,000 dirhams (two thousand dirhams) in damages for the moral damages he had suffered.
Forcing the defendant to pay the costs and costs of the case within the limits of the amount awarded, the plaintiff shall bear the burden of violating it.
The court clarified in the merits of its judgment that the plaintiff did not provide any evidence that he had ceased to do his work, nor did he provide any evidence of damages to him, and that the documents were without any evidence. In this regard, and his reports regarding compensation for material damage are only reports sent without deed or proof.
Considering the contempt word of the defendant and the circumstances and circumstances under which the incident took place, the court estimated that compensation of two thousand dirhams should be paid for the moral damage caused by the plaintiff.

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