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Emirates News Agency – Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation participates in “London Book Fair”


  • "Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum for knowledge" to discuss "Intellectual property rights of creators" And"Travel letters"

Dubai, 20th April, 2020 (WAM) — The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation organized a session and a panel discussion in Dubai as part of the Knowledge Dialogue Series activities on the topic “All Rights Reserved… Intellectual Property of Creators”. An international book project titled “Travel Writings…Memories and Events” during the second day of his participation at the London International Book Fair, one of the largest international book fairs held in Olympia – London from April 18 to 20.
The first session in the Knowledge Conversations series, titled “All Rights Reserved: The Intellectual Property of Creators,” was hosted by Erica Wolf Murray, expert in creativity and founder of Lula Media. Protecting the intellectual property of creators and their creative works.
Murray emphasized that the importance of intellectual property rights lies in achieving recognition and material benefits, and that a simple process should be followed to create private intellectual property. And they can take proactive steps by registering their intellectual products in advance, to protect against counterfeiting and fraud.
Murray explained that the responsibility to protect intellectual property rights rests with the individual owner of the invention whose permission or prior permission, the use of trademarks and intellectual property symbols contributes to the challenges facing ownership in the digital world.
He pointed out that intellectual property is of no use without benefiting from intellectual production, and that intellectual property protection laws differ from one country to another depending on the level of development in each country in understanding intellectual property rights systems. Property rights should be promoted through funds or institutions that help protect intellectual property and assign legal entity.
Dr. Wafa Thabet Al-Maskhani, President of the International Council on Books for Young People, hosted a seminar on “Travel Writing…Memories and Anecdotes” as part of the activities of the Dubai International Book Project. People. This seminar aims to equip young writers with the tools to achieve a high level of professionalism.
Al-Masqani stressed the need for an aspiring writer to have a range of techniques and tools to help draw the conditions for creating perfect creative writing, with the importance of blogging during trips using a pen and notebook. Give the writer extra motivation to keep writing.
Also, the Foundation organized a symposium on “Translations from and from Arabic” at the London International Book Fair on the first day, moderated by Dar Raf’s editor-in-chief, translator Ibrahim Al Sinan. The publication, one of the companies of the Saudi Research and Media Group, was run by translator Talal Nasrallah and the symposium was run by poet and journalist Hussain Darwish.
The seminar dealt with the opportunities and obstacles facing translation from Arabic into world languages. The participants emphasized the importance of specialized translation and the need for the translator to be familiar with the languages ​​he is translating into. After the translator has completed his work, a specialized editor reviews the translated material.

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