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Emirates News Agency – President’s trip to France tops local newspaper editorials


ABU DHABI, May 12 / WAM / Local newspapers published this morning noted in their editorials the Head of State, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God protect him”, his visit to France and his speeches. With French President Emmanuel Macron, it reflected the level of development of the friendship between the two countries. They are united by an exceptional strategic partnership and common visions, a renewed and very important station, which confirms the interest of both leaders to discuss bilateral cooperation, strategic partnership paths and ways to various international problems and developments. .

It opened under the heading “Friendly France”, Al-Ittihad newspaper reported on the visit of the head of state, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God protect him”, to France and his talks with French President Emmanuel Macron. , reflected the level of development of friendly relations between the two countries, united by exceptional strategic partnership and common visions aimed at addressing global challenges, generalizing sustainable development, countering extremism, intolerance and terrorism, and enhancing security opportunities. Stability and peace at the regional and international levels.
He included important discussions that support the aspirations of the two countries for a better future, and enhance the level of partnership in the areas of investment, economy, culture, science, technology, renewable energy and food security, especially in the face of climate change. As the United Arab Emirates and France are seen as a role model in joint action to advance international efforts in the field of climate action, creating the conditions for COP28 will be an important launchpad for expanding the scope of renewable energy projects and reducing emissions globally.
In conclusion, he explained that trade between the UAE and France will increase by 17% to 29.5 billion dirhams in 2022, and as both countries enjoy closer trade and investment ties with various countries, their global economic share is also growing. Along with their shared political, cultural and educational cooperation, they share a humanitarian message of spreading ideas of global stability, tolerance and coexistence, calls for dialogue to resolve problems and conflicts and achieve people’s aspirations for development and prosperity. .

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Under the same headline, “Emirates and France … a solid strategic partnership”, Al-Watan newspaper reported the visit of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the state, “May God protect him”, with the friendly republic and his genius, President Emmanuel Macron. The talks, a renewed and very important station, confirm the interest of the two leaders to discuss ways to double cooperation, strategic partnership paths and various international issues and developments. and our common ambition to strengthen and develop it in various fields and the importance of continuous coordination and consultation on regional and international issues and efforts to achieve stability and prosperity in the region.

The summit comes within the framework of historical relations, which are characterized by their comprehensiveness and depth, based on a vision and solid constants dating back decades, which are distinguished by their interest in sustaining the development of cooperation. Reaffirming the importance of permanently building on various sectors and bringing the two countries together based on relationships and consensus, and promoting civilized communication and ways of joint action for good works. Nations and peoples present an impressive example of relationships characterized by a desire to expand their horizons to achieve their common interests and all that is beneficial to the international community, and their various fields focus on core and vital fields. They play an important role in the preservation of heritage in regional conflicts in addition to the coordination and consensus of visions for achieving security and stability in the scientific, cultural, economic, political, military, energy, environment and climate, and international arenas. The principle of wisdom and balance.
He pointed out that the growing cooperation reflects a mutual desire to advance towards stations that keep pace with aspirations, and that the language of numbers shows an aspect of its promising results, and what is achieved and implemented based on solid relationships. The rapid pace of the strategic partnership and the opportunities it offers have seen an increase in the growth of trade between the emirates and France, which increased by 16.8% last year and reached 29.44 billion dirhams. In 2021, the increase of French investments in local financial markets, as their transactions recorded a value of 726.2 million dirhams, the UAE hosts the largest number of French companies operating in the Middle East, as well as manages “Emirates Airlines”. and “Etihad” 42 flights per week to France, representing a realistic change in the energy sector and taking advantage of low-carbon development opportunities through climate action and emission-intensive partnerships, in addition to a very important aspect of cooperation towards the future. Achieving economic growth with industries and modern visions and approaches and improving energy security and providing it at a reasonable cost is one of the preparations for the “COP 28” Conference of Parties and one of the efforts to implement the “Paris Climate Agreement”. The first country to sign was the United Arab Emirates.
The newspaper concluded its editorial by saying that the strategic cooperation and exceptional friendship between the UAE and France spans more than half a century and is witnessing rapid qualitative changes under the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. , the head of state, “may God protect him”, and the French leadership, and to provide an example for effective and excellent relations between countries and on which they must be based on clear foundations and mutual trust for the benefit and welfare of all parties.

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