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Emirates News Agency – “Seha” organizes a mental health training program for family physicians


Abu Dhabi, 12 October / WAM / Abu Dhabi Health Services Company One of the facilities of “Seha” outpatient treatment services, organizes an integrated psychiatric training program for its family physicians, trains primary care providers, deals with qualified mental illnesses at the onset of illness and Treatment for mental disorders of medical conditions to provide diagnosis and comprehensive care.

Dr. Vejdan Abdul Razak Ahmed, Deputy Medical Managing Director, Ambulatory Clinical Services, noted that Seha was interested in empowering its health professionals and providing opportunities for learning and development, and that this training initiative was another approach to supporting Seha workers. Providing them with the tools they need. Learn how to assess and manage minor mental disorders and when a patient should be referred to the psychiatric department.

For his part, Dr Nahida Niaz Ahmed, a psychiatrist consulting outpatient services and chair of the Psychiatric Board in Seha, said online outpatient services organized online training seminars and workshops provided by experts from around the world. Over a period of about 6 months, 8 sessions were attended by about 23 primary care physicians working in outpatient services and Al Tafra hospitals, as well as numerous lectures and workshops on dealing with mental patients. Mental health care providers.

The goal of the Integrated Psychiatric Training Program for Family Physicians is to train primary care physicians to understand how to assess and manage minor and persistent mental disorders, when to refer a patient to the psychiatric department, and how to monitor. Treat complications caused by psychotropic drugs.

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The program focused on a number of mental health topics, particularly “Anxiety Disorders, Psychological Product Management in Primary Care, Positive Psychology, Psychology for Geriatric-Dementia, as well as Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Mental Disorders, Mental Illness, Perceptual Disorder and Major Depression.”

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