April 2, 2023

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The webs meet to determine the fate of the rebel Irving

The Brooklyn Nets will make a joint decision on the fate of its playmaker Kyrie Irving, who has yet to receive a vaccine against the corona virus due to his absence from the NBA’s new season home games. “ESBN” report.

The website pointed out that the club’s management will hold a meeting in the presence of two stars, Kevin Durant and James Horton. Together, they will have to choose whether to allow Irving to play in only half the number of matches this season.

95% of NBA players were vaccinated against the “Covit-19” virus 8 days before the start of the season, and Irving insists he has not yet been vaccinated.

Professional athletes will be out of the accounts of Irving Nets and his Canadian coach Steve Nash in light of the rules imposed by New York City to allow their teams to participate in scheduled tournaments on their land. At scheduled matches in Brooklyn, he changed his mind and did not get vaccinated.

The league has established a more restrictive health protocol for those who are not vaccinated, and has decided that their salaries will be reduced for those who miss matches for this reason.

The absence of Irving in the nets will not be limited to scheduled matches at home, but will prevent him from participating with the team in his visit to the neighboring New York Knicks Stadium and the Golden State Warriors Stadiums and Staples Center in San Francisco. Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers share two neighboring countries, and similar laws have been imposed in both cities.

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Irving participated in group training for the nets for the first time, after a decision was released by city officials on Friday that he considered these types of training sessions to be held in a private, enclosed space so as not to violate the vaccine protocol against viruses, unlike competitions.

The Nets believe in a new shift in vaccine protocol, which is similar to what happened Friday in training, so he can count on Irving, and he added, “We assume he will not be available for home matches. Everything can change, no one knows. And we try to stay open, we find the days go by because things change here every half day. “

Despite Irving losing several games, the Nets in the Eastern Province caught the Eastern Province with the 2014 NBA Player of the Year, Warriors twice, and the 2018 Player of the Year Horton and the league top scorer in 3 seasons.

The nets begin the new season on the 19th of this month at the Milwaukee Bucks Stadium.