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Emirates News Agency – Sharjah Cultural Center announces its annual program of festivals and forums


Sharjah, 5th September / WAM / The Sharjah Department of Culture has announced its annual program of permanent festivals and forums, starting this September and continuing until August 2024, confirming Sharjah Emirate’s pioneering role in various fields. Its support to the elites, youth and public in the various organizing countries… It has various functions.

His Excellency Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Owais, Chairman of Sharjah’s Department of Culture, said Sharjah’s cultural role has made it a center of attraction for creative people, their creativity and their literary and intellectual productions. Under the generous patronage of Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the Supreme Council of Sharjah, which affirms the importance of these activities and events and their role in enabling the cultural scene, by the department in several countries. Locally, regionally, Arab and internationally.

Activities, festivals and permanent forums attract interaction and increase the number of lovers of words and arts in their variety and diversity, pointing to the clear successes achieved consistently at all literary, artistic and cultural levels. The forums focus on honoring pioneers of culture in its various fields and include Arab countries.

Al Owais pointed out that poetry festivals have expanded to many African countries and their continuity and renewal is due to their remarkable success in the presence of participating poets and audience segments. Honoring the winners of the Sharjah Award for Story Forums and Arab Creativity.

The new season will begin this September, with events including the Mauritanian Literary Festival, chosen as the “Capital of Culture in the Islamic World” and organized in the Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott, in addition to the Tetouan Festival. Moroccan Poets is in its 6th session and hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco, in addition to the Kalba Festival of Short Dramas in its tenth session, hosted by the City of Kalba in Sharjah.

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Several events will be held in October, notably the Tipbah Al-Hisn Cultural Festival in Tipbah Al-Hisn, Sharjah, and the Mafraq Arabic Poetry Festival in its eighth session in Jordan.

Next November will be filled with national activities in the field of culture, notably the 52nd National Day of the United Arab Emirates, the Khor Fakhan Cultural Festival and the Marrakesh Festival of Arabic Poetry in Morocco (5), while the Arab Republic of Egypt will host the Luxor Festival of Arabic Poetry (8).

Next December, the theater festival Sharjah will be on the opening date of the Desert Theater Festival, while the audience of Islamic arts will be on the opening date of the “25th Islamic Arts Festival”, and in Tunisia, the poetry festival will be in the presence of Tunisian intellectuals at the Poetry House in Arab Kairouan, followed by the Sharjah Award for Best Criticism 14 , the International Arabic Language Day will be organized at the Poetry House in Sharjah. For the Sharjah Scouts, the Theater Festival is held at the Sharjah Scouts Authority and organizes cultural convoys in the Nahwa area.

The New Year 2024 will begin in January with the Sharjah Arabic Poetry Festival in its 21st session at the Palace of Culture, and the second session of the Al-Qawafi Award and the third session of the Sharjah Award for Criticism of Arabic Poetry. in Khor Fakkan and Kalba, followed by the Sharjah Cultural Honors Forum in its 15th session, and in Tunisia, the Khor Fakkan Theater Festival in its ninth session.

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In February, the Sharjah Nabati Poetry Festival will be held in its 18th session at the Palace of Culture in Sharjah, Al Tait – Khor Fakkan and Kalba, and the Poetry House in Mauritania will host the Nawaxot Arabic Poetry Festival (9). Egypt will host the Sharjah Forum for Cultural Respect (16), while Tippah Al-Hisn City in Sharjah hosts the Tippah Al-Hisn Duo Theater Festival “7” and February sees the launch of Wadi Al-Hilu Days. Famous group.

In March 2024, the Kalpa Cultural Festival will begin its seventh session at the Cultural Center in Kalpa City. The Palace of Culture will host the activities of the 33 Sharjah Theater Days, while the Poetry House will celebrate world poetry. day in the same month, and Calligraphy Square will host a calligraphy exhibition for members of the Khatib Project.

The Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity “First Edition” will be held in April at its 27th session at the Supreme Council of Culture in the Arab Republic of the Arab Republic.

As for May, it will begin with the Sharjah Forum for Cultural Respect in its (17th) session, and the Palace of Culture will host the Sharjah School Theater Festival (11th), followed by the Sharjah Festival for Cultural Respect in Jordan. (On 18th), the Poetry Forum in Sharjah will witness a performing arts workshop.

In June the Kingdom of Morocco will host the Sharjah Forum for Cultural Respect (19), the Sharjah UNESCO Prize for Arab Culture (20), and the Tetouan Festival of Moroccan Poets (7). Arabic Poetry Forums (Chat – Guinea – Senegal).

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July and August included various activities on the African continent and Sharjah, especially the third session of the Arab Poetry Forums – (Benin – Niger – Mali – Nigeria – Ivory Coast – South Sudan) countries. For Kalpa, the date will be in Kalpa city with a drama element called “11”.

The Department of Culture continues its cultural programs and poetry evenings at the Poetry House, Al-Hira Literary Forum, Khor Faqan Literary Forum and Kalba Literary Forum, and art workshops at the Center for Arabic Letters. Ktateeb project.

The Department of Culture continues to publish issues of cultural magazines dealing with the local affairs of the Emirate of Sharjah, as Al-Rafit Magazine, which monitors Sharjah’s cultural scene, is regularly published. In the central regions of the emirate, the magazines “Al-Sharqiya and Al-Wusta” dealing with local development and cultural affairs are published in Al-Tayd cities. , Tibba al-Hisn and other parts of them.

Al-Hira Literary Council publishes “Al-Hira from Sharjah” magazine. This magazine highlights Nabatean poetry and various poetic topics.

It publishes the Sharjah Culture Magazine, which features multi-cultural topics that highlight Arabic literature through a series of creative materials.

It also publishes Theater magazine, which features studies, drama texts, book reviews and coverage of theater festivals, highlighting local and Arab theater groups, while publishing “Al-Qawafi” magazine, a magazine that illuminates Arabic. Poems through studies, journalistic conversations and critical readings. It opens the door to participation in poetry by poets from Arab countries.

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